Final Educators of Democracy Quashed President's Rule in Uttrakhand

 Uttarakhand's leader Harish Rawat speak to the media after the congress returned to power as the Supreme Court quashed President's rule in the state.

Mr Harish Rawat says:
·         I am not the Chief Minister at the moment, I don't need security.
·         Judiciary has come forth as an educator of the Constitution; want to thank Supreme Court and High Court.
·         The Supreme Court and the High Court are the final educators of democratic values.
·         My party workers are the ultimate masters of the show.
·         I also wish to thank the Government of India and the Attorney General.
·         I am thankful to the Attorney General and the government of India for the assurance in court to revoke President's rule. Hope the notification is issued soon.
·         I have said this in the past and I am saying this today that we may be a small state, but our aspirations are large.
·         After my cabinet is restored, will meet Sonia Gandhi & Rahul to thank them for their unconditional support?
·         I also thank Mayawati for supporting us.
·         I will also meet PM Modi and Finance Minister and will tell them that the state of Uttarakhand needs their support.
·         I will also tell them that we want to work closely with the Centre as a determined partner.
·         We will call for a cabinet meeting today. We will act once the notification comes in.
·         Want to thank & tell my friends in BJP, let us forget the past experience and begin a new chapter.

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