Former Lawmaker suspected in murder of journalist: Police

Saurav Kumar; Bihar

Patna: The murder story of Rajdev Ranjan in Siwan is linked with Mohammad Sahab-ud-din former law maker of Siwan district. One name Upendra Singh who have been arrested of two person in Bihar is told is very closed aide to Sahab-ud-din. Upendra Singh is also the party worker of RJD and is accused of a murder in year 2014.

According to police, Chavanni Singh, a shooter killed Srikant Bharti press adviser to Mr Om Prakash Yadav BJP MP(Siwan) last year.

The contracted murder of Shrikant was interested by Sahab-ud-din henchmen Upendra Singh. Mohammad Sahab-ud-din, four times MP from Siwan district in Bihar was leader of Rastriya Janta Dal (RJD), is now in jail.

The motive behind this murder of journalist is said to divert police concentration from the murder case of Shrikant Bharti. Mohammad Sahab-ud-din nodded this killing.

The shooter Chavanni Singh was arrested in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh last year. He was in Gorakhpur jail since then. 3 days ago he is in transit to Siwan jail. Chavanni can divulge many secrets of Sahab-ud-din.

A local engineer has been arrested in this connection. According to police, Radheshyam, engineer, had deleted the incident day spot footage of CCTV from the system. The steel rod seller had called Radheshyam. The shop is infront of incident spot.

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