Police had given safe passage to JDU MLC Manorama Devi quietly trespassing for surrender in court on the way to the judges’ entrance gate. This discussion is in full swing that many police teams are searching her from several days. From previous three days Manorama Devi was hidden one-half kilometer away from the court in Gaya city.
The sentry watches the main gate of Gaya court of the judges' going on the way. Except judges nobody else can courage to enter this main gate. After the Road-rage killing case, Manorama Devi absconded from the detention of police;used this path to go into the court.
The timing of her entry into court was set that before Manorama Devi her henchmen were present there. As the main door of court of CJM 4 was opened, Manorama Devi silently went into the room.
There are three entrance gate in the Gaya court. Two of three are made for public and lawyers and the third one is for judges of the court. Manorama Devi entered into the court premises before reaching the police. The driver of police station's gypsy identified her presence first. The police could arrive to nab her; she went up of stairs. Despite tremendous security from previous three days in Gaya court once again Manorama Devi has been successful in dodging the police. Some people are telling this as the failure of police, but the discussion is more about that the police had given knowingly a safe passage to Manorama Devi.
The search operation and the raids claim of Bihar police to nab Manorama Devi were not able to detect her. Manorma herself had fixed the day and time of surrender. According to information, the first 100 hours Manorma was in Ati area of  Konch. The police cannot dare to enter into this area in the day. In the wake of her surrender she moved from this hiding and she took shelter in a house at Maranpur.
Bindi Yadav is a history sheeter criminal. At least 17 criminal cases have been registered. His son Rocky, driving his land rover car, found no way to take over the moving vehicle -- then shot at its crew member.
Bindi Yadav remarried with Manorma deserting his first wife. Manorma’s father was the owner of Dhaba at GT road. He hailed from Punjab. Mamorma gave birth to Rockey. Manorma was MLC since 2003 to 2009 on RJD ticket and last year she was elected for legislative council on JDU ticket.
Police raided the house of MLC to arrest Rockey, but there seized foreign liquore. The Court issued the warrant against MLC on the ground of registered case. Bihar has ban the selling of liquore in the state.
Manorma Devi, the chief accused of killing a 19 year old student Aditya Sachdeva, found no relief on Monday in court. The Court at Gaya extended the date bail hearing and refused to stay on the arrest.

Manorama Devi could conveniently surrender from Maran Pur area a half kilometer away from Gaya Court. Her close aide informed,  Manorma didn't have to change places more – mere two were used.  One of these was Ati village of Konch a rural area of Gaya and second one was city.

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