Tejaswi, Dy CM of Bihar: Attack on African -- 'International shame'!

Today, African citizens in India after the incident in February this year at Bangalore could not overcome yet; the fear is rife among them again.

 The Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Tejaswi Yadav, lashed out on Union Government against the attack on African people in South Delhi. Mr Yadav on twitter has asked, “what sort of ‘raj’ is this? The name…??”

 Mr Yadav, telling this attack an international shame, asked, “who controls the law and order of Union Territory Delhi?”

 The Union Minister General VK Singh had told this incident of attack is a common one. On Sunday he met with African people and said why media is glorifying it?

 Mr VK Singh has said that the incident is being glorified by the media.

 A student,  Masonda Ketada  Oliver, 29, was beaten up brutally to death in Vasant Kunj area of South Delhi this Friday. Three people followed behind this African when a quarrel for hiring autorickshaw took place. Four new cases of attack on African people have come in light since a deadlock on killing of this Congo man.

The African people had declared a protest against this incident on Jantar Mantar.

 The foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, after the incident, had sent Gnenral VKSingh, Foreign State Minister and secretary, Amar Sinha to meet with these African people.
The foreign minister tweeted, “I talked with Mr Rajnath Singh Home Minister and lieutenant governor of Delhi, Najib Jung. They have assured me that the accused will be arrested soon. Moreover there will be carried out an awakening campaign in the area where African people dwells.”

 After the high profile intervention the Delhi police have arrested four people and a suspect young has also been detention for questioning. A few days ago a Niger student in Hydrabad was attacked. The foreign minister has talked in this connection with cm Chandra Shekher Rao of Telangana.

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