WWE Pulls New John Cena Merchandise, Hideo Itami On His Return, WWE On Superstar Betrayals

- As seen above, the latest WWE Top 10 looks at cold-blooded Superstar betrayals.
Hideo Itami confirmed the recent reports that he will be returning to WWE NXT soon. He tweeted the following this weekend:

- We noted yesterday that WWE released new gear for John Cena's RAW return on Monday, inspired by Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The company tweeted Cena and WWE, mentioning a "cease and desist" but it seemed like friendly social media talk between two brands. The gear has been removed from WWE Shop this morning. For those who missed it, below are the tweets:

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A message to @JohnCena & the @WWE: We have a chokehold called the Cease & Desist. Pretty sure we see you🖕
                                                                    - wrestle inc 

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