Billionaire Lady Files Nomination As Independent Candidate for Rajya Sabha Seat

The upper house election in UP has taken an interesting turn. The Billionaire mysterious lady of BJP, Preeti Mahapatra has filed her Nomination of Rajya Sabha as an Independent Candidate in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. It is clear that the Candidates for Rajya Sabha from UP will be decided after voting on June 11.
The Candidates earlier this nomination were presumed to be elected uncontested. Now the Preety is in fray and the contest is very interesting.
Preeti Maha Patra hails from Gujrat. Her Husband is Billionaire Businessman. according to information BJP has fielded her in this election. She filed her nomination as an independent candidate. She said, ‘I am here to serve UP.''
She added, ''My organization works for country. During the election there is no relation with any political parties.''
Preeti Mahapatra runs an NGO. She refused to be supported candidate of BJP; she said on the vote numbers, '' after having thought every situation, I  filed this nomination.''
Preety Maha Patra is the wife of Harihar Maha Patra, a Billionaire Businessman of Gujrat. She runs Krishna Foundation, an NGO; and also a businessman. Her Foundation works in many states under toilets mission. The Foundation is chiefly active in Gujrat Maharashtra and Odissa. She was recently in headlines after the 10000 toilet constructed in Navsari district.
The expelled leader of Samajwadi Party Rampal has been seen in support of Preeti. Mr Rampal has said that he is supporting Preeti apart from the party. He said, "i have been expelled from the party. If I get a chance, I can do freely whatever may be."
The public have given me respect; now whoever respect me, I will respect them. Every party have mud; so mine is Independent Candidate.
According to Information, the BJP had enlisted her name earlier for Rajya Sabha, but  this billionaire woman elected from UP might be quite contrary discussion point just before the coming assembly election; consequently Preeti Mahapatra has been fielded in fray as an independent candidate. The henchmen of this lady have reached in Lucknow for the purpose of gaining the support with the rest vote of BJP and Congress. the way of obtaining support is expected by horse trading. If the BJP gets success in its strategy, Mr Kapil Sibbal the Congress candidate may face a big trouble.
Preeti has the supporter in every party. After in fray it is clear the voting will take place for the upper house. Now Dr. Ayub of Peace Party and Radhey Mohan Das of BJP were seen with her. The expelled MLA Rampal Yadav of Samajwadi Party were also seen with her.

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