Bottled water can be harmful too!

 Most of us, when we’re out and about, tend to drink bottled water because it is supposed to be hygienic and it’s also supposed to contain minerals that are good for our health.
 How wrong we are. Bottled water has become a big business, and water shortages and mismanagement lead to unscrupulous people exploiting our basic need for clean drinking water.
 Tests have proved that many brands of bottled water cheat us via their labels. The water may have been purified, but it is not mineral water. And many brands named after mountains around the world have no connection with those places at all. Finally, water from cheap plastic bottles is known to be harmful.So know your bottled water before you buy it.
many brands of bottled water cheat us via their labels.

Sparkling water
 Carbon dioxide has been added to make the water fizzy, imitating spring water. But purification is the only guarantee: the source may not actually be a spring. It’s expensive, but sparkling water is a good substitute if you are trying to give up sugary aerated drinks because it has the same fizz, but not the same calories.
Mineral water
 Technically, mineral water is supposed to contain at least 250 parts per million of dissolved minerals which must have already been in the water when it was sourced. But many brands call their water mineral water even though it isn’t.
confirm about your bottle which you buy.
Purified water
 This is water that has been through distillation, or reverse osmosis, or filtration. It is free of bacteria and toxic solids, but lacks essential minerals. This is water with added vitamins and some sugar. However, in some cases, the sugar level is very high.
What to do
 Carry a good quality, lightweight water bottle to fill at restaurants. In Europe and America, the tap water is hygienic enough to drink. In India, most restaurants will let you fill your water bottle provided you are also eating there. Water served on Indian trains is tap water with minor processing.

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