Difficulties faced by our ancestors, not so with ours future generations:PM Modi in Allahabad

Prime Minister addressed a public meeting at the parade ground on Monday after BJP national executive meeting in the city of Allahabad.
 the PM, before the meeting got emotional and, said every moment of life and particle of his body is dedicated to this country.
- With the slogan of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai... Modi started his speech.
-The Prime Minister, in his speech, first took name Murli Manohar Joshi of those on stage.
-He said: everyone would think watching leaders sat on the stage  that  the UP is most powerful in union government.
-The  elections held recently in states where the BJP has gained much popularity.
- At the behest of Prime Minister the people congratulated by Mobile Lite torches; came to rally for the victory of Assam.
- I am saying at pious land of Nishadraj that the biggest role in the victory of the BJP is in UP .
=Whenever the difficulty in the country is faced, the people of UP stand most early.
India-India-India's name is being chanted in Modi's foreign visits -- the value of all that one hundred twentyfive crore people are growing.
- the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at the Earth is always inspiring us all.
-  the Ganges water is the flow of thinking. The views of all the great men of the country strengthened here.
- Playing in the lap of the Yamuna, Lord Krishna had given the message of the Gita to the world.
- Ganga develops thinking power; Karma is a message of Yamuna; and Saraswati gives us all faith.
- The name of Prayag is most famous respected. the name Prayag came in existence because of being here a yagya.
-Now the re-development would be a sacrifice. the sacrifice of development  succeeds oblation of ego , nepotism, casteism, communalism, corruption, gangs, immorality, dishonesty, ranging.
-Prayag's soil has given many legends to the country.
-Allahabad University has been the most important learning center of India.
-The difficulties faced by our ancestors, not so with ours future generations.
Is only one solution to all the problems is development; For youth: development is the greatest sermon.
- The future of youth will not be crushed. We are committed to provide the rights to the qualifications.
-For the promotion of young people we are trying every effort in Delhi.
the changes in the UP should also come as in Assam.
- I understand young people's suffering who have to face intermediaries after the job interview.
- Educated young man were forced to sell the mother's jewelry for the job
- In view of all this, we ended in group 3-4 arrange interviews; Asked all state governments to do the same.
-What happened in Uttar Pradesh knows in this case everyone.
 -Mayawati ji accuses Mulayam Singh ,and  Mulayam do so.
 -Both rob the state five years alternately.
- End the pairing of duo; you gave us many law makers; now give us majority in the state.
- I was elected MP from UP; I want mere 5 years to finish here the catastrophe.
in case there will be blunder in governance service during 5 years, kick on us to oust.
- we are not here to exhibit our powers; we are here to perform our rites.
- wherever we got the chance, we have done the development work.
-See the BJP ruling states; compare with UP.
- Recall the government and the work of both Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh.
- The two years tenure of new government in country have elapsed; we utilised much the earth's material to clean.
-According to survey, our government of two years has been awarded first place by our country people.
-The light poles in 1529 villages were deprived since independent in UP.
-The UP made many PM, but the people here live in 18 th century
-We had promised to complete the work with in 1000 days; we removed the darkness in 300-400 days.
-We gave the most cheapest prime minister crop insurance policy after independence.
-The most cheapest insurance policy has been introduced by our government --- -Rupees two lacs on paying one Rupee!
-the road construction work is being done on priority in our government.
-the railroad work is also on top priority.
-the electric generation work is also on top priority.
-the coal mining is also going speedy.
-the earlier government did so, but they were interested in loot.
-the farmer are being supplied required urea.
-he foreign currencies have also increased in our government
 -the maximum iron was supplied from UP to erect an statue of Sardar patel. we have to full fill the dream of peasants.
-the corrupts did not even spare the LPG; we saved 15000 crores.
-we cannot let anyone to stash the poor's money: the union government allots 100000 lakh crore to the UP.

-my life is dedicated to the country.

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