Euro 2016 Schedule, Fixture in Indian Time IST: 15th Euro Football Tournament 2016

 All eyes are on Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other top players which include England’s Wayne Rooney, who skippers England in a major tournament for the first time. There are plenty of hopes from Belgium, who come in with a power-packed outfit but don’t have their skipper, Vincent Kompany fit for the tournament. Spain are chasing a unique tournament record of sorts, winning three consecutive Euro tournaments, a feat that has not been achieved in big tournaments in football. It remains to be seen if Germany can touch the heights they did in the 2014 World cup; they don’t have the easiest of groups either. Italy have their task cut out as they battle it out in the ‘Group of death’.

DateGroupFixtureTime (
10-JunAFrance vs Romania12. 30 am
11-JunAAlbania v Switzerland6.30 pm
11-JunBWales v Slovakia9.30 pm
12-JunBEngland v Russia12.30 am
12-JunDTurkey v Croatia6.30 pm
12-JunCPoland v Northern Ireland9.30 pm
13-JunCGermany v Ukraine12.30 am
13-JunDSpain v Czech Republic6.30 pm
13-JunERepublic of Ireland v Sweden9.30 pm
14-JunEBelgium v Italy12.30 am
14-JunFAustria v Hungary9.30 pm
15-JunFPortugal v Iceland12.30 am
15-JunBRussia v Slovakia6.30 pm
15-JunARomania v Switzerland9.30 pm
16-JunAFrance v Albania12.30 am
16-JunBEngland v Wales6.30 pm
16-JunCUkraine v Northern Ireland9.30 pm
17-JunCGermany v Poland12.30 am
17-JunEItaly v Sweden6.30 pm
17-JunDCzech Republic v Croatia9.30 pm
18-JunDSpain v Turkey12.30 am
18-JunEBelgium vs Ireland6.30 pm
18-JunEIceland v Hungary9.30 pm
19-JunFPortugal v Austria12. 30 am
20-JunFSwitzerland v France12.30 am
20-JunARomania v Albania12.30 am
21-JunASlovakia v England12.30 am
21-JunBRussia v Wales12.30 am
21-JunBNorthern Ireland v Germany9.30 pm
21-JunCUkraine v Poland9.30 pm
22-JunCCroatia v Spain12.30 am
21-JunDCzech Republic v Turkey12.30 am
22-JunFHungary v Portugal9.30 pm
22-JunFIceland v Austria9.30 pm
23-JunESweden v Belgium12.30 am
23-JunEItaly v Republic of Ireland12.30 am
Round of 16
25-JunRunner up Group A vs Runner Up Group C [Match 1]6.30 pm
25-JunWinner B vs Third Place A/C/D [Match 2]9.30 pm
26-JunWinner D vs Third Place B/E/F [Match 3]12.30 am
26-JunWinner A vs Third-place C/D/E [Match 4]6.30 pm
26-JunWinner C v Third-place A/B/F [Match 5]9.30 pm
27-JunWinner F v Runner-up E [Match 6]12.30 am
27-JunWinner E v Runner-up D [Match 7]9.30 pm
28-JunRunner-up B v Runner-up F [Match 8]12.30 am
Quarter Finals
1-JulWinner Match 1 v Winner Match 312.30 am
2-JulWinner Match 2 v Winner Match 612.30 am
3-JulWinner Match 5 v Winner Match 712.30 am
4-JulWinner Match 4 v Winner Match 812.30 am
Semi Finals
7-JulWinner QF1 v Winner QF212.30 am
8-JulWinner QF3 v Winner QF412.30 am
10-JulWinner SF1 v Winner SF212.30 am

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