ISIS took responsibility of Orlando attack: 50 people killed in US night club

At least 50 people were killed when an assailant opened indiscriminate firing in a Gay club at Florida USA on Saturday night. The Orlando mayor informed this incident on Sunday and said more than 53 people have been wounded in this accident. Police have killed assailant Omar Mateen of Ft. Pierce, Florida.
The armed assailant, Omar Mateen, on Saturday night barged into Puls Orlando night club and he opened indiscriminate firing. Many people were wounded in this firing. 50 of them were killed. The Orlando police have informed in press conference on Sunday.
Identities of three have been as American citizen who are the resident of port saint Luis. However, there is no official report so far about what were the causes of attack. The police also said that the exact death toll can be confirmed later. The police said the probe of this incident will be assigned to the FBI.
According to the media, the father of assailant told that Mateen  thought the gays were a problem. He had abhor such relationship and he had discussed in this reference with his father. Father of Mateen told that he thought that the gay was a problem and that needed to be eradicated.
If it was a truth, it was clear the attack was done targeting the gays.
The Orlando police chief said during a press conference, “ the assailant had taken hostage many people having barged into night club. He was killed later in a combat with security forces. The assailant had the armed like assault type rifle, hand gun and a few more weapons.
According to Reuters, Islamic State has taken the responsibility of barbaric terrorist attack.
Danny Banks, special agent in charge of Florida law enforcement department, said that the incident probe is going to find the involvement of terrorist hands. He said, “the incident of terror is at local level or at international level and the assailant was a lone person or together with others.

Islamic State-linked account posts photo purported to be Orlando nightclub shooter

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