Lord Of The Ring Dies: World Mourns Mohamed Ali

 How Muhammad Ali inspired dalits on the face of it, Muhammad Ali was a black American of African Origin from a remote land far away from India.

 But in nhis own way his docked spirit in fighting white domination by making a mark in a sports for aggression symbolised a spirit that rubbed off on  India-- In its own special way.
There are photographs doing the rounds on social Media of his meetings with the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran and Bollywood Super Star Amitabh Bachhan.

 But the Boxer's significance runs deeper in India's popular culture and Politics because he was an inspiration to India's Dalits- officially called Schedule Cast who identify the African Americans of the United State.

 While Mahatma Gandhi inspired US civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, in a way the owner was returned to India from the US by a group that inspired the Dalits- the former 'untouchables' whom Gandhi was used to called Harijans or children of God.

 Muhammad Ali in many ways considered as an inspiration for the Black Panther Party, a Radical Group that believe in using smart, bold words to assert the Black identity in America and combine it with self defence tactics.
Born Cassius Marcellus clay on January 17, 1942, in Luis Vilely, Ali began Boxing at age 12 after his new bicycle was stolen and he vowed to to Police Man Joe Martin that he would "Whup" the person who took it.

 He was only 89 pound at the time, but Martin began Training him at his boxing team, the beginning of 6 year a mature carrier that ended with the light heavy weight Olympic Gold medal in 1960.
with a wit a sharp as the punches he used to''whup'' the opponents Ali dominated Sports for two decades before the time and parkinson's disease, triggered by 1000 of blows to the head, ravaged his magnificent body, muted his majestic voice and ended his storied carrier in 1981.

 He won and defended the Heavy Weight championship in Epic Fights in exotic locations, spoke loudly on behalf of blacks, and famously refused to drafted into the army during the Vietnam war because of his Muslim believes. despite his debilitating illness, he travelled the world to rapturous receptions even after his once- bellowing voice was quieted and he was left to communicate with a wink or a weak smile.

 "He was the Greatest Fighter of all time but his boxing carrier is secondary to his contribution to the world,''promoter Bob Arum said said Saturday. ''he's is the most transforming figure of my time certainly.'' reserved by millions world wide and revealed by millions more, Ali cut quite a figures, 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds in his prime.'' Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, " his corner men exhorted and he did just that in a way no heavy weight had ever fought before.

 He fought in 3 different decades, finished with a record of 56-5 with 37 knock outs- 26 of those bought promoted by Arum- and was the first man to win the heavyweight titles 3 times.

 He whipped the fearsome Sonny Liston, toppled the mighty George Foreman with the rope-a-dope in Zaire, and nearly fought to the death with Joe Frazier in the Philippines through it all, he was trailed by a colourful entourage who merely added to his growing legend. "Rumble, young man, Rumble,"counter man Bundini Brown would yell to him.

 And Rumble Ali did. He fought any one who meant any thing and made millions of dollars with his lightening  quick jabs. his fights were so memorable that they had names - " Rumble in the jungle" and " Thrills in Manila ".

 But it was as much as it antics - and his mouth - out side the ring that transform the man bor casious into a household name as Muhammad Ali.

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