Once Again ill-got, ill spent -- America released 80 Crore Dollars to Pak

India has once again ill-got, ill-spent. American Congress has passed the national defence authorization bill to release the fund 80 Crore Dollars to Pakistan.
The Fund have been released to Pakistan to fight against Terrorism. The 30 Crore Dollars will be utilized to annihilate mere Haqqani Network of the released funds. The Dawn Newspaper of Pakistan has confirmed about the sanction.
The decision of American Congress exactly a day later came after not being passed bill of special status to India. America released fund to fight against terrorism under the CSF (Collation Support Fund) to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now this new mechanism will replace it.
America has granted assistance of 3.1 billion Dollar to Pakistan under CSF so far since 2013, but the period of fund is going to end in October this year. Afghanistan has been removed in the new bill.

Earlier this sanction, the amendment bill brought to create the global strategist and defense fellow of Indo-US could not have been passed on Wednesday in the US Congress. Now India is not privileged country to America. John McCain, the senator of Republican Party introduced this amendment in national defense authorization act. If the amendment bill was passed, India could have been count in global and defense fellow to America.

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