PDP and BJP both face to face on Sainik Colony in valley

No Matter BJP and PDP is compatible in Politics of Jammu and Kashmir for the Kashmiri Pandits, but both the ruling alliance on Saturday on the issue of Sainik Colony were seen face to face.
BJP has said, "when the sainik colony can be developed in Jammu, why not it is in Kashmir? Mehbooba Mufti  has showed her inability in House on the availability of land for the purpose of developing colony. Chief Minister said in Assembly, "the Government has not found a spare place in territory to develop the Sainik Colony."
On Sunday the Chief Minister Mufti has given guarantee to the Kashmiri Pandits for welcome home once again during the occasion of Kheer Bhavani Fair. She said that the Government is committed and is trying every way to the displaced Kashmiri Pandits' returning and rehabilitation.
 Thousands of pilgrims on Sunday surged in Kheer Bhavani Fair at Kheer Bhavani Mandir in Kashmir Valley. The Kheer Bhavani Fair in the valley is a very special to the Kashmiri Pandits. It is a Fair that give a chance to meet the displaced Kashmiri Pandits to each other after the escape from the valley.This annual fair is well known as rendezvous fair.
During the fair the worship in the Durga Maa Temple, 1000 years old situated at Tulmul in Ganderbal District Of Kashmir, has a big respect among the Kashmiri Pandits. Since the unrest in Kashmir the migrant Kashmiri Pandits on this special day (Jyesth Astami) do not fail to confirm his presence in this temple; no matter where  are they?

The fair is a symbol of Hindu Muslim fraternity in Kashmir. The local Muslims and Hindu population of valley take part ample; as far as possibly they arrange the whole items of worship to help of pilgrims.

That the normalcy in Kashmir is returning has awakened a hope now to think many pandit families, who had escaped from the valley, to return Home. Kheer Bhavani temple in Tulmul of valley where the Kashmiri Pandits reach from the every corners of the country on 8th day of June(Jyesth Astami). This is the chance when the close relatives, neighbours and friends who were separated because of worsening situations since years -- all come to meet here.

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