Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Yoga practice at Chandigarh: a glimpse
It is second world Yoga day today.  Mr. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, on Tuesday exercised yoga with more than 30 thousand people in Chandigarh. Mr. Modi declared that the people who are going to work for Yoga will be felicitated next year. PM has declared two Yog awards: one for inland; one for international.
The PM said, stressing on the importance of Yog, in his address, “It is not an action only, but it is a way to maintain body health also.”
PM added, “utilize Yoga like yours mobile phone." The diabetic illness can be defeated by the exercise of yoga, he said.
The yoga programme was organized in Capital Complex of Chandigarh. More than 1 lacs programmes have been held Yoga day on Tuesday in the country everywhere.
The disabled were also present in Yoga with PM Modi. PM said, “Yog is not to gain, but is the way of liberation; it is not science of imagery; it is science of concreteness.” PM told that yoga should be more popular in the world; many trained teachers from India may preach on Yoga.
PM said, “what does you gain from yoga is not for this; what can I forsake in yoga, what about can get riddance — shows of this path. Yog is not for gain, but is the way of liberation.”
Modi added, “What will you achieve by Yoga after death does not show of this path.”
PM Modi said, “Yoga is for both atheists and theists; it is for poor -- and rich too; it is insurance on zero premium. It must be added to the life.”
 He appealed with people to make yoga part of their lives.
NCC cadets of 19 UP girls battalion practicing Yoga in Lucknow a glimpse
There were held many yoga programs in school and colleges at Lucknow state capital of Uttar Pradesh. The NCC cadets of 19 UP girls battalion have practiced Yoga at Navyug Kanya Girls PG college campus Lucknow on Tuesday.

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