Repeated Attempts to Evict Squatters -- Police Unaware with Huge Tranche of Weapons

The preliminary inquiry set up by government reveals very serious lapses which can pose many questions under scanner in Mathura case against the Department of UP police.
According to the information, the findings of official inquiry reveal as there were many lapses in the plan of police in order to tackle the erupted violence. When the crowd attacked suddenly toward the Superintendent of Police and the SHO, the police could then assess the ground reality of attackers; and that the presence of other officers was merely as the spectators who retreated from their duties got trapped other two in scuffle.
It is told the officers were not informed well by the local intelligence input about the encroachers crowd who were there. The police were not aware with the figures exist in crowd; and nor were they aware of armed and aggressive crowd. The inquiry is in the hand of police commissioner Aligarh. He will entrust shortly the report to the government.
It is told when the violence erupted in Jawaharbagh, 8 senior police officers with Superintendent of Police, Mukund Duwedi, were present on the incident spot; but when the rioters began to scuffle with the SP City, merely SO, Santosh Yadav, tried to save him; although the rioters murdered him during this attempt. The inquiry officers have to interrogate these police officers — and that the action will be taken against them.
The 3000 disciples of Azad Bharat Vidhihit Vacharik Kranti Satyagrahi name suspected organization and the police clashed on Thursday this week. This organization had encroached 260 acre government land. 24 people including the SP city Mathura and SHO were killed during the clash. The clash took place as the police reached to remove these encroachers from the land.
having developed their courts, barrack and jail, the encroachers of Jawaharbagh had established a parallel administration in their premises. Police said, "They used to punish the prisoners on being break their laws. These encroachers had refused to follow the law and order of Indian constitution."
IG Agra zone Durga Charan MIshra told, “They had established their own colony and the rate of edible items were very low in this territory. They had begun to rule of their own government; to convict people, and punished them. They had developed jails, barracks  courts, and preaching foundation.”
It is told that the people of Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Mizoram, Assam, Rajsthan, Madhya Pradesh were called by luring them. The people were promised that they would be allotted land and they would live their lives at low price by work hard. They had their own electric supply. The encroachers told themselves the disciples of Subhas Chandra Bose.
“The 3 or 4 groups of armed men were housed which they called battalion”, Pradeep Bhatnagar, commissioner Agra zone told.
IG said, “when someone or officer entered this territory, they attacked on them.” He told, “Their disciples at no condition were allowed to go out, but they were permitted in writing; and they were allowed only when somebody entered in territory.”
On being asked whether the naxlite came there, IG told, “yes, the people from Chhatisgarh came there whatever you might say it. Their motive was to lead people toward religious fundamentalism or extremism. They were planning to mint.”

 Over the last two years, the police had met with violence in repeated attempts to evict the squatters, so it is not clear why they had not anticipated violence. It is also not known how the members of the sect accumulated the huge tranche of weapons that was later recovered from the park without causing any suspicion.

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