Udta Punjab produced not by AAP fund; get treatment to Mr pahlaj Nihalani's mental illness: Kumar Vishwas

Mr Kumar Vishwas, poet and leader of AAP, has rejected Akali Dal allegations which accused the link of Sameer Nair co- producer ‘Udta Punjab’ with AAP. Mr Viswas has said with confidence that Mr Nair has no relation with his party.
He, targeting Mr Pahlaj Nihalani chairman of film censor board, said, "Mr Pahlaj Sahib should be treated in mental centre."
AAP is with the director and producer of film 'Udta Punjab' which is facing a knotty wrestling. Mr Pahlaj Nihalani chairman has alleged on APP for funding this film in the past.
Mr Vishwas has told a leading news channel, "Mr Anurag Kashyap has also grinned on this allegation. I am care taker of party fund and knows very well how difficult is to run a party? I reject such any allegations. Mr Nilhani Sahib should be cared in mental centre. It is an abasement of his being chairman of censor board."
Mr Kumar Vishwas has also lashed out on Modi government in this matter. He said, "The movie based on the issue of Punjab, but why the union government is fearsome is unclear? The problem is this how can do the justice of constitutional post if anyone is loyal to Mr Modi? 
The Cong used to say in the same manner that the film ‘Satyagrah’ of Prakash Jha was produced on being said by AAP.
Mr Vishwas said on dispute of advertisement for the AAP, "The party members of BJP are illiterate. The advertisement of this government is least in counts, but the advertisement should have been around the country. We want to work together with all. The advertisement on all languages has been printed, but Ajay Maken protested why the Punjabi language is being promoted".
Mr Vishwas, targeted the union leadership, said, "I am very pleased that Nayak had released long ago; otherwise they say, 'the attitude and the finger raised of Anil Kapoor is exactly Kejriwal’s like'. You may see the movie: the man who is with Amrish Puri in the movie -- the face matches exactly with the national president of a party!”

Talking about to his write up song on drug addiction problems in Punjab ‘Kevi Nsha’ Mr Vishwas said, “ Akali government has sent me 21 notices since the song launch, but we are going to release new second song; consequently they will frame me in 210 litigations and then the AAP will win 117 assembly seats in Punjab.”

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