Union Home Minister breaks silence on Kairana:UP do needful to families' rehabilitation

The alleged departure story of Hindus from Kairana has broken the silence of home ministry in Union Government.
Mr Rajnath Singh, MP and Union Home Minister, has taken matter in cognizance and  advocated with Chief Minister of UP promptly to take action in this matter.
home minister on Sunday said, " if the alleged report has the probity, the state government should have to do the needful in this matter." 
He said in Ahmadabad, “if somebody or a gang is forcefully dispossessing a few people from their native place, the state government must act against this conduct."
Mr Hukum Singh, MP BJP, had a few days ago alleged that the Hindu families that had caused them leave the native place have been menaced by the people of a community allegedly in a town Kairana of UP.
Mr Singh has said that he has been reported in this matter that a few families under fear have leaved Kairana, but this incident should not take communal colour. He said the incident of people departure should not turn into a communal dispute, but that the people left a place should not be so appalling condition… the rehabilitation of the exodus should be managed properly at their native land.
on being asked whether the such incident also took in some other places — as the BJP leaders claimed, he told he has heard; but not officially reported.
Hukum Singh released recently the list of 346 families who had allegedly left this town of Muslim majority. Kairana is under Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh where the communal riot had taken place in 2013.  On the matter of kairana people’s departure the state government assigned the probe to the district administration Shamli and found 188 families had left the place 5 years ago.

The spokespersons of state home ministry said that the list released by the BJP MP was investigated and found 66 families had left Kairana 10 years ago. He told, “The enquiry report reveals that the 60 families had left are living somewhere else because of education, employment and health reasons.  The 28 families of the list are still dwellers of Kairana

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