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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Men made scam of Rs 2.5 lakh crore: Congress on Pulses crisis

By on Sunday, July 31, 2016
The Congress on Friday alleged that business houses and hoarders had made Rs 2.5 lakh crore by artificially inflating the prices of pulses with tacit support from BJP governments in the states and at the Centre.
The accusation comes a day after party vice-president Rahul Gandhi hinted at a scam behind the rising prices of pulses.
“A few corporate houses, import cartels and hoarders looted Rs 2.5 lakh crore in the last 15 months,” Congress communications chief Randeep Surjewala told a news conference.
“The directorate of revenue intelligence and the Intelligence Bureau has full knowledge. We want an answer from the Prime Minister why no action was taken.”
Surjewala then explained the calculations behind the allegation.
“The MSP (minimum support price) of pulses produced in India varies between Rs 45 and Rs 50 per kg. Even if a processing fee of Rs 5 per kg, transportation charges of Rs 5 per kg and 10 per cent profit (Rs 5 per kg) are added, the sale price does not go above Rs 65 per kg. But the government allowed pulses to be sold for around Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kg,” he said.
“Similarly, the average price of imported pulses in 2013-14 was Rs 34.73 per kg when the market price under UPA was around Rs 70 per kg. In 2014-15, the import price was Rs 37.32 per kg and in 2015-16, it was Rs 41.80 per kg. An impression was created that the prices had soared because the imported pulses were costly. But the daylight robbery is clearly discernible.”
Surjewala said the figure of Rs 2.5 lakh crore was based on the consumption figure of around 23 million tonnes of pulses annually, which means the Congress is alleging a “robbery” of about Rs 110 per kilogram.
“Profiteering of Rs 85/90 per kg is writ large,” he said, adding that there could be about a dozen private parties who “did this robbery”.
He suggested the decision by many state governments, particularly those of (BJP-ruled) Gujarat and Maharashtra, not to extend the dates of the stock limits on pulses had facilitated hoarding.
“The stock limits on pulses were lifted by the Gujarat government, headed by Modi, on 30.09.2013. On 27.09.2013, the UPA government had decided to extend the validity of the restriction on stocking of pulses, edible oils and edible oilseeds till 30.09.2014 but the Gujarat government refused to extend the order beyond 30.09.2013,” he said.

India warns traders in deals with Chinese businessmen

By on Sunday, July 31, 2016
India has warned its traders to be wary in dealings with their Chinese counterparts who could supply stones, bricks, mud, salt among other things in place of genuine orders.
"It is to enhance the commercial cooperation between India and China by drawing attention to some of the risks faced by Indian traders/SMEs to take preventive and/or mitigating action," the advisory issued by the Indian consulate in Shanghai said this week.
It said the traders could be duped with "sand, stones, salt, bricks, mud etc. in place of chemicals, Silicon Carbide, Aluminium and Zinc ingots, shellac, plastics, polymers etc."
In the past, such advisories have been put up on the website of the Indian embassy.
An official in the Indian embassy described the advisory as a "routine thing".
"The bilateral trade is increasing. The advisory is to encourage (traders) to follow due diligence to avoid trade dispute," an official at the Indian embassy told IANS.
"It's a routine thing. Don't read too much into it," the official added.
Ties between both nations have taken a hit after a string of issues in the past few months, the latest being India's refusal to renew the visas of three Chinese journalists based in India.
Beijing's opposition to New Delhi's bid for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group is also one of the irritants.
Trade deficit between the two countries increased to $44.7 billion during April-January period of 2015-16.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mulayam Singh says in House 'Beware with China'

By on Thursday, July 28, 2016
The Chinese intruding in Chamoli on Thursday was discussed in Parliament. The issue was posed in the House by the congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia. The Samajwadi chief Mulayam Singh Yadav speaks on this issue firmly saying that China is a big danger for India. Whatever Mulayam Singh Yadav, former Union Defense Minister and MP (UP), said in the House is as follows.
1.    Be very careful from China; China can never desist from hatching conspiracy against India.
2.           It has made a nexus with Pakistan against us.
3.      He suggested to say to Pak, “We are yours elder brother and you are younger.” bring him by this way on your side.
4.     Zhou Enlai was given warmth welcomed by Nehru. The resulting consequence was that China had attacked over us in 1962.
5.         China is in prowl behind Pak and attacking us.
6.         Our armed force is not weak.
7.         We need to threat China; otherwise this will enhance its barbaric activities.

8.                  8.     Maintain it in the mind that we are out of danger from China.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

North Korea warns US to pay heavy price

By on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
PYONGYANG has warned to the US after tough rhetoric by John Carry, US Foreign Minister, for the atomic program of North Korea that if the Korean peninsula is in the escalating tension, the US will have to pay heavy price for that error.
Carry said in ASEAN regional forum conference held in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, "The activities of North Korea are not only for this region but also for the peace and security at internationally are endangering." The North Korea was also participant in this conference. The foreign minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho has said in this conference, "his country is ready to face any restriction implemented."
He said, “We are ready to show that if any powerful country tries to harm a little country, they will not certainly be secure. US will have to pay heavy price for that error.”
Carry said, "North Korea should learn a lesson from Iran that is a strong enemy to America; but America and other countries with it even have made an agreement to end the atomic program."
He added, “North Korea is mere alone country that is violating the international move towards the responsibility. The proliferation of its weaponry development is continued. The development of its missiles is continued. Its abetting activities are continuing.”
North Korea has said that it has the need of atomic weapons to deal with the prevailing danger by America.
The 28500 American soldiers are in South Korea base, which are regularly practice with South Korean. North Korea has demanded from America to remove its army from South Korea and to close down the joint practice because it is an aggressive practice.

Bungling in Assembly Election at PoK: Mass Protest Against PML-N

By on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Nawaz Sharif, PM Pakistan and his party PML-N, is being strongly protested in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
The people of PoK alleged that the assembly election recently held in POK was rigged and organised the violence by the ISI in the favour of Nawaz Shareef Party. The locals have also alleged that there were open bungling in the election and whoever dared to uproar the voice against the act was killed. The protesters were shouted slogans"Go Nawaz Go."
A strong protest by people is continued there against the biased and unfair election held. The crowds are on the road in the area. The Pakistan Muslim league, Party of Nawaz Sharif, won 32 seats of the 41 in this election.

A huge crowd can be seen on road against the results and process of election in Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinnari and Mirpur. The angered people on roads burnt the vehicle's wheel tyres on road.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Finance Ministry Notified : Annual Increment on Performance

By on Tuesday, July 26, 2016
According to Government of India the employees in Central Government will be allowed annual increment in the salary on the basis of their performance scrutiny. The performance benchmark of employees was 'good' earlier; but it will be now 'very good' according to the new rules. 
The Finance Ministry has stated through its notification issued to implement the recommendation of 7th pay commission that the Modified Assured Career Progression scheme will be implemented this time — first, 10 years; second, 20; and third, 30 years.
The Ministry stated that the employees whoever, MACP or within first 20 years of their services , are not able in completing the benchmark to enhance regularly, they will be sided from this benefit.

Moreover, the commission has ratified that the employees who are not perfect on the criterion of performance they should not be allowed the annual increment.

The commission, however, has proposed to withheld the annual increment in the matter of those employees whoever, either MACP or within first 20 years of their services, are not able in completing the benchmark to allow regularly the increment.  This will help to implement to redress for the unable and the self-righteous.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Forget Kashmir: Ghulam Nabi Azad to Pak

By on Monday, July 25, 2016
Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chief of UP congress and National General Secretary of Congress advised Pakistan not to dream for the merger of Kashmir into Pakistan. He said to Prime Minister of Pakistan, "Whatever is the rest part of the country save it."
Mr Azad, leading the Congress Journey: (27 SAAL, RAJYA BEHAL)'27 years, Depressed State', reached Shahjahanpur. He interacted here with Press Conference and answered to a media question, "Mr Nawaz Sharif PM of Pakistan should forsake the dream of Kashmir."
Azad said that the Pakistani's rulers had to face the division of their country into two parts, which born new Bangladesh, in effort to occupy the Kashmir; even they could not touch an inch of Indian Territory. He advised to Sharif, "Whatever part is rest with Pakistan save it."

He said in Rajya Sabha, "The Congress with its journey is trying to heal the heart of public in the atmosphere of detestation. The BJP and BSP both are trying to divide the people of society on the base of religion and caste -- this is the reason why the state is trailing in the development?"

Dayashankar Singh Most Wanted: Now in Court!

By on Monday, July 25, 2016
The non-bailable warrant has been issued against the former BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh. The matter involved the using objectionable language against the BSP supremo Mayawati. The Chief Judicial Magistrate Court on Monday has issued the non-bailable warrant against the former Vice-president of UP BJP. Court has ordered even to seize the property.
It is noticeable that Mr. Daya Shankar Singh had used a slipshod language against BSP supremo Mayawati; after that the activists of BSP shouted slogans against the daughter and the wife of Daya Shankar Singh. The crowd of BSP workers were on the roads against this act of the leader.
A Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)  leader in Chandigarh announced to give Rs 50 lakh as reward for cutting off the tongue of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader.
"Mayawati is selling tickets (to contest polls)...She is a three-time chief minister but she gives tickets to anyone who gives her Rs. 1 crore. If someone comes with 2 crores in the afternoon, she gives him a ticket. If somebody comes with 3 crores in the evening, she dumps the previous candidates and picks him. Today her character is worse than that of a prostitute."
The Court has ordered on behalf of BSP complaint. The BJP, taking stern action against its leader, expelled him from the party and removed from all the posts he had hold.
The member of SC-ST commission of Samajwadi party, Kiran RC Jatav, targeted his own government on the issue of objectionable statement(derogatory remarks) against Mayawati, BSP supremo. She said, “If the government did not arrest Dayashankar within 48 hours, she will resign from her post.”
The fight between BSP and BJP, the chief minister of UP said during a program at his residence, “The festival of Raksha Bandhan is near and the BJP members should apologise with the aunt." He added, “our government respect the women very much and felicitate them with the prize of Rani Laxmibai."

Akhilesh said whatever Daya Shankar had said was wrong absolutely, but whatever shouted the BSP activists was staggering. Akhilesh said, law is doing its duty. Whether the mistake is of BJP or of BSP; the legal action will be taken.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

High Court Chhattisgarh orders judicial probe into tribal girl encounter

By on Sunday, July 24, 2016
Chhattisgarh high court on Tuesday this week ordered a judicial probe into the death of Madkam Hidme, the woman who was allegedly stamped as a Maoist and killed in an alleged encounter in Gompadgaon under Konta police station of Sukma district.

The district and sessions judge of Dantewada will head the probe. After Hidme's death, state AAP convener Sanket Thakur filed a writ petition in Chhatisgarh high court arguing that Madkam Hidme was not a Maoist as plugged by security forces.

She was a normal village girl. Police, however, abducted her and she was shot at, at least 20 times. Thakur further alleged in his petition that after her death, security forces clothed a Maoist uniform on her body. He also alleged that while Hidme's body embedded with several bullet wounds, but there was not a single bullet hole in the uniform that her body wore. Further, the crease of the uniform worn by the body was not even crumpled.

Moreover Hidme's body had slipper and not boots or shoes as usually are worn by Maoists,Thakur argued.

The petitioner also alleged that before being killed, Hidme was raped by security forces.

The petitioner had demanded a compensation of Rs 20 lakh for Hidme's family and also demanded a judicial or an SIT probe into her death. Besides, the petitioner also demanded registration of FIR against the mistaking security personnel.

Following Sanket Thakur's allegations, Hidme's body was exhumed and a second autopsy was carried out after the order issued by High Court on 24th June 2016. The second autopsy was done in front of a forensic team, a team of doctors, family members of the deceased and their advocate. Findings of both the autopsy reports differed from each other.

A double bench headed by chief justice of Chhattisgarh high court Justice Deepak Gupta on Tuesday ordered a judicial probe into the matter.

The probe would be conducted by district and sessions judge of Dantewada Nirmal Minj.


By on Sunday, July 24, 2016
Chandra Shekhar Azad is the name in India which is common in youths fashion who are studying in Universities and Colleges. If the students have fervor of leadership, they adopt the way impression of this national Hero. Azad took birth in Bhanwra village on 23rd July 1906.
His ancestors had migrated to this place from a village Badarka Unnao district 50 Km away from State Capital of Uttar Pradesh. His Father Pt Sita Ram Tiwari left the village Badarka after the famine of 1906; joined the service in the realm of Alipur in Madhya Pradesh and became resident of Bhanwra Village. Chandra Shekhar Azad elapsed his childhood here. His mother's name was Jagrani Devi. 
The early life of Azad flourished among Adivasi majority area. Azad learnt the bow and arrows' targeting here in his childhood with Bheel boys. Azad followed the path for liberation through the weaponry. Varanasi was the centre of revolution then. He came in contact with Manmath Nath Gupt and Pranvesh Chatterjee and added himself as the member of revolutionary party. The party was known as Hindustan Republication Association. Azad is well known, respected and popular freedom fighter of India. He was very close to Pt Ram Prasad Bismil and Sardar Bhagat Singh.

He robbed the train '10 Down' in Kakori on 9th August 1925 under the leadership of Ram Prasad Bismil and absconded.

After the sacrifice of 4 companions with Bismil he united all  the revolutionary parties of North India in 1927 and organized Hindustan Socialist Republication Association. He avenged of Lala Lajpat Rai's death by killing Saunders with Bhagat Singh. He hurled the bombs in Delhi Assembly.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Two Blast in Kabul during Protest;61 Dead; 200 Injured

By on Saturday, July 23, 2016
The area Deh Mazang at Kabul was shook in twin blasts on Saturday. Hundreds people of Shia community in this area  gathered for the purpose of an important electric transmission line.
Mr. Fadun Obaidi, Chief of crime investigation department Kabul, told that the report over the nature of explosion is still awaited. The ISIS took its responsibility, according to the reuter.  
Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on  Hazara protest, says group's Amaq news agency (Source: Reuters)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Protests Continue in Gujarat over Thrashing

By on Thursday, July 21, 2016
The incidents of chaos and sabotage on 4th day have been reported in many cities of Gujarat on Thursday for Una Dalit incident. The protesters stopped the train,  and the crowd with banner in protest against the incident were on the roads. Protests continued in some parts of Gujarat on Thursday over the brutal thrashing of Dalits at a village in Una town of Gir Somnath district
The protesters when interrupted by police on the roads, they ransacked many places, damaged the government properties, and the incendiary people burnt the state transport bus.  Chennai bound Navjeevan Express was stopped by Dalit protesters at Udna railway station at Surat.
Dalit protesters gathered on roads of Ahemdabad, Amrely, Mahesana, Porbandar, Surendra Nagar and many cities.
The police and Dalits clashed in Dhokla of Ahemdabad and police had to use Lathicharge on crowd.
Mr. Raman Lal Vohra, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister of Gujrat, said that the government is trying to control the worsening situation. "we will   make them punished rigorously," he said.
Mr Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President, reached at Una to meet with the aggrieved family. Mr Rahul Gandhi looked the video of beaten dalit youths and he announced Rs 5 lacs compensation. as Mr Rahul reached the hospital to see the victims, he hugged a woman of the family.

 The mother of a victim said, “Yesterday when Ben came to us, she kept distance us; but Rahul who embraced us is ours."

Punish Him, or There Will Be Protests Everywhere: Warns Mayawati

By on Thursday, July 21, 2016

Uttar Pradesh BJP Dayashankar Singh was sacked from his post on Wednesday for comparing BSP supremo Mayawati to a "prostitute".
Apologising for his remarks, Singh said that Mayawati is a big leader and she has reached here after a lot of struggle.
"Mayawati is a big leader; I can't say such a thing about anyone. I apologize for my remark," he said. I can't even think about Mayawatiji in such a way. She has reached here after a lot of struggle."

His comments caused uproar in the Parliament today, with Mayawati hitting out at the BJP for being frustrated with the growing public support for BSP in Uttar Pradesh. "These kind of derogatory statements show that BJP is frustrated with the growing public support for BSP," said Mayawati.
Union Finance Minister and senior BJP leader said he was hurt over his party leader's remarks, and said the party stands with her.
 BSP leader Satish Mishra said the party would lodge a complaint against Singh and drag him to court.BJP UP party Chief Keshav Maurya also apologized over Singh's remarks. "I think this is wrong and I apologize. Such words shouldn't be used, he said.
Talking to the media earlier today, Singh said: “Mayawati has shattered the dreams of Kanshiram and the way she is distributing party tickets in exchange for money, even a prostitute doesn’t behave like that. In the morning if somebody offers her Rs 1 crore, she will give him the ticket. But if someone 

Rohit Khandelwal Becomes The First Indian To Win Mr World Title

By on Thursday, July 21, 2016
Rohit Khandelwal has become the first Indian to win the coveted title of Mr World. The grand ceremony was held at Southport Theatre, The Promenade, Southport in England. 
He beat 47 other participants from around the world to win the prestigious title. For the finale round, he opted for a tuxedo designed by Nivedita Saboo. Rohit also competed for various sub-titles at the pageant including World Multimedia Award, World Talent, Mobstar People's Choice Awards and many more. The first runner up is from Puerto Rico while the second is from Mexico. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

22 million employees and pension holders of Uttar Pradesh government to be benefited:CM Akhilesh Yadav

By on Monday, July 18, 2016
Seventh Pay Commission Report to be implemented in Uttar Pradesh before election code of conduct

Akhilesh Yadav's cabinet on Monday proposed a gift of happiness to almost 22 million employees and pension holders of Uttar Pradesh government. After the Cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has announced that the government has stepped ahead to implement the seventh pay commission report to the employees of state government. The Uttar Pradesh state government employees around 1.6 million and 6 million pensioners are to be benefitted.
Chief Minister said, “A committee will be formed; he will appoint the chairman for it. The committee will submit its report within six months.”
According to sources, the Akhilesh government that is trying to maintain the feel-good atmosphere during this season of coming assembly election is preparing to introduce it within two to three months.
Government may implement the seventh pay scale in the month of October this year lest the gift of employees and pension holders should be stuck somewhere in the rounds of the election code of conduct.
Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said, “it will cost Rs 24,000 crore burden over government in implementing; but the state government proposal of 20 per cent HRA hike to employees has currently stuck.”
After a few days it can get approval. It is believed to be fixed; it will also be announced by the state government before the election code of conduct.
The gift by state government is not just limited to the government employees. The Samajwadi Party has to look very large vote bank of weavers so today the cabinet under Samajwadi Handloom Weavers’ Pension Scheme decided to give Rs 500 as pension to the weavers of over 60 years every month.

Instrument of Accession with India: and its acceptance by governor general

By on Monday, July 18, 2016
Sir Hari Singh Bahadur, Maharaja of J & K who signed "Instrument of Accession" with India in 1947
India got Independence in 1947 under India (Independence) Act passed by British Parliament. Under this Act, India was divided into 2 separate countries of India and Pakistan, and some 584 princely States were given the choice of either merging with India or Pakistan.
 J&K was one such princely State ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh. He was dithering over the merger issue in October 1947 when Pakistan invaded J&K and tried to annex it by force, Maharaja asked for India’s help. Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, then Home Minister of India, agreed to provide help on 26 October 1947.

Hari Singh Ji signed Instrument of Accession with India on 27 October 1947 Lord Mount Battens as Governor General Of India and representative of British Crown, accepted the accession with a remark that
"As soon as the law and order in Kashmir restored the question of states accession should be decided by reference to the people."
Lord Mount Battens did to contradictory things. On the one hand he accepted the merger; on the other hand he put the conditions for merger. The remark of Lord Mount Batten was superfluous and in violation of provision of ‘India (Independence) Act’ passed by British Parliament. The act did not provide for plebiscite in any of the princely states for deciding the issue of merger. It only called upon the rulers of princely States to decide whether to merge with India or Pakistan.
 It was a grave Constitutional error on the part of Lord Mount Battens. India has paid heavy Political price for that error in the term of 5 decades old frictional relation with Pakistan.   

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Let's pray for those who lost their lives and their eyesight in ongoing turmoil in Kashmir: Shah Faesal, IAS

By on Sunday, July 17, 2016
Mr Shah Faesal’s photograph comparing with Hizbul commander, Burhan Wani’s pictures, angered to Mr Faesal who has stated that he will resign. Mr Shah Faesal rebuked the media through his facebook post. The successful youths’ photos of the valley and their work’s -- both were collated on media with Burhan Wani's status.

"By juxtaposing my photos with the images of a slain militant commander, a section of national media has once again fallen back upon its conventional savagery that cashes on falsehoods, divides people and creates more hatred.
At a moment when Kashmir is mourning its dead, the propaganda and provocation being dished out from red and blue newsrooms is breeding more alienation and anger in Kashmir than what Indian state can manage.
Personal vulnerability apart, the very fact of becoming a part of a ridiculous debate is something which has disturbed me very much. Have I joined IAS to do a job or to become a part of your sadistic propaganda machine? In fact when I qualified this exam I never thought of spending my whole life scratching the desk and if this nonsense around me continues, I might prefer to resign sooner than later.
I am adding to what my younger colleague Yasin Chaudhary had said earlier in his Facebook post. ZeeNews Aaj Tak TimesNow and NewsX are not going to tell you the truth about Kashmir. Please mind your head.
No Government would want to hurt it's people and when a state kills and maims it's own citizens, it's self-injury and self-decimation of the worst sort, it makes the body-politic bleed as well. So no Government can distance itself from the pain of it's people and all out efforts are being made to contain this crisis and reach out to youth. It is going to take time.
Till then we have to steer safe from spoilers who want to set Kashmir valley on fire just for the sake of TRP.
Let's pray for those who lost their lives and their eyesight in the ongoing turmoil in Kashmir and stand by one another in this moment of truth. I didn't have net access all this while and today once I saw my timeline, I realised it was the time to speak up. Inalillahi wa Ina-ilaihi rajioon."

Shah Faesal, 33, hails from Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir. He had qualified Civil Service Examination held by Union Public Service Commission during year 2009. Mr Faesal is director at education department Jammu and Kashmir.
Mr faesal's interview here with media has some excerpts after he became topper of civil service exam.
My success has broken a stereotype about my commu­nity. I hope I have set a prece­dent for the people of my State and helped inspire more Kash­miris to appear for civils.
I would like to serve my state by reducing the gap between the people and admin­istration. I have been a victim of insur­gency and understand Kash­mir’s problems. My father (Gulam Rasool Shah), a school teacher, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in 2002, just three days before my pre-medical exam.
Mr faesal wrote in his post, “The national media tagged my picture with a terrorist tried to divide the people. He has written that when Kashmir mourns over the deaths, the alienation among Kashmiris is being poured into the news rooms.”
Faesal further wrote, “I have been tormented with the running meaningless talks in media. Had I become an IAS that one day I were a part of media disinformation?” He has further written that if the media run so, he will resign.
Faesal has written his status that we should sideline from those people who are ready to burn Kashmir valley for gaining TRP only. We should pray for those who have lost their lives and eyes in this violence.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Truck through crowds killed at least 84 people along Nice's beachfront

By on Friday, July 15, 2016

NICE, France — A Tunisian living in France drove a large truck through crowds celebrating Bastille Day along Nice's beachfront, killing at least 84 people, many of them children, according to police and hospital officials. The slaughter ended only after police killed the armed attacker in a hail of bullets.
French leaders on Friday extended the country's 9-month-old state of emergency and vowed to deploy thousands of police reservists on the streets after Thursday night's massacre of pedestrians leaving a fireworks display for France's independence day.
Video shot by bystanders shows the truck coming under police gunfire as it drives through an intersection into the pedestrian promenade. Crowds flee in panic, taking shelter in shops, hotels or leaping off the elevated pavement onto the beach below. Police finally surround the stationary truck and fatally shoot its driver.
Police identified the attacker as Mohamed Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Nice resident, and said he had drawn a gun on them. The truck's front windshield was riddled with bullets.
Video footage showed the truck driving slowly down the southern French city's famous, palm tree-lined Promenade des Anglais boulevard, which had been sealed off and turned into a pedestrian-only party zone.
German tourist Richard Gutjahr filmed the moment when an unidentified motorcyclist rode alongside the truck and grabbed hold of the driver's door as two other police officers on foot nearby fired a single shot each at the driver's windscreen. But the truck accelerated through an intersection into screaming crowds, where Gutjahr could hear the final confrontation involving 15 to 20 seconds of gunfire.

India condemns activities of Pakistan on internal issue

By on Friday, July 15, 2016

Pakistan does not want to lose any chance for gaining momentum on the issue of killed Burhan Wani Hizbul commander in Kashmir. So the prime minister of Pakistan called the joint session of parliament to discuss on the Kashmir state in India. It is the first time in Pakistani history when the joint session has been called for the Indian Kashmir issue; not only has this Burhan Wani been declared the martyr in Pakistan.
India has strongly condemned on these activities of Pakistan. The foreign ministry has issued a statement that the Pakistan has no rights to interfere in the internal matter of India, and whatever is going on the Kashmir valley, India is able to resolve it.
The foreign ministry has said that the backing powers behind the Kashmir violence will not be spared. The foreign ministry said giving edification to Pakistan that it should think about maintaining its home, stop the terror activities operating across the border, and give up the crocodile tears.
Pakistan has demanded an independent and transparent probe on the Kashmir violence in united nation despite rebuke of India. Pakistan has said that the situation of Kashmir is endangering the peace and security. Maliha Lodhi UN ambassador of Pakistan met with under secretary Edmond mullet and emphasized for the probe.
Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif, has announced the black day on Tuesday next week. He has said that the black day will be in Pakistan in support of those killed by Indian army in Kashmir. The Pakistani PM had dubbed the wrong action by Indian army on killing of Hizbul commander.

Sheila Dixit appears in UP for congress

By on Friday, July 15, 2016
 old face with new energy in UP
Sheila Dixit as CM candidate in Assembly Election 2017 
The congress has declared to fight the UP assembly election 2017 under the leadership of Sheila Dixit, former chief minister of Delhi. Mr Janardan Duvedi, the congress general secretary, has declared it.
The party leader names who were assigned the responsibility for the preparations of election has been declared together. Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad said Sheila is a mature and hard working leader. The 15 years tenure of Delhi rule what she did cannot be denied.
Mr Pramod Tiwari has been appointed the chairman of co ordination committee. it is important that Sheila Dixit had been on the post of the chief minister of Delhi for the past 15 years. Sheila left for Keral as governor after the defeat in delhi assembly poll during the UPA regime in centre. As the NDA came in power at centre, she resigned from the governor post maintaining her dignity.
Sheila said after being declared the UP CM candidate, “Every election is a challenge. The better result will be for us in this election." I desire so, “Priyanka Gandhi will campaign for us. We will gain." I accept that I have been entrusted a big responsibility.
"Its a big responsibility, want to thank party high command for believing in me: Sheila Dikshit after being announced as UP CM candidate"
Mr Satish Upadhyay, the BJP president Delhi, said, " What had she done in Delhi knows everybody."  Why had to leave from Delhi? Congress should clarify this whether she shall repeat exactly in UP -- as she did in Delhi. We congratulate Sheila Ji for the new task, but she will have to bear in mind her last lesson of Delhi.

"How does it make a difference? People will assess everything and decide: UP CM Akhilesh Yadav on Sheila Dikshit"
The Chief Minister of UP, Mr Akhilesh Yadav said, " What will change the impact?"  They will see, " who did -- what work in UP?"

Mr Kapil Mishra, the minister in Delhi government, said, “Sheila will have to go jail. Not today; then tomorrow. Whether the congress made her CM candidate or the BJP may protect her; I shall not drop pursuing her committed corruption."  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Governor cannot function of his own will: SC on Arunachal Pradesh

By on Thursday, July 14, 2016

KalikhoPul’s Government in Arunachal Pradesh has been dubbed unconstitutional and the Governor’s decision was also unconstitutional. The Apex Court upheld the status quo of State Government earlier on 15 December 2015.
 It meant that the Congress Government in the State will be restored because the Congress Government was in existence there earlier and Nabam Tuki was the Chief Minister of state.
The 5 Judges bench of Supreme Court gave this verdict and were unanimous on the decision.
Supreme Court said, ”the call of premature assembly session its procedure both were unconstitutional decision of state governor."
1. The governor cannot function of his own will setting aside the rules and regulations of assembly and constitutional provisions.
2. The cabinet advises governor to work under constitution; but the governor ignored the advice of cabinet in this case and took decision.
3. If the governor was confident about the circumstances and wherever he did not think fit to accept the advice of cabinet; he should refer the matter to the President -- but he took his own decision.
4. If the governor seemed that the state government was in short majority, he can say to prove its majority on floor test in assembly; but he called the assembly session to discuss the motion against the Speaker.
5. The governor of state should not be the part of political controversies. The circumstances that prevailed in the state made the matter wholly political circus.
The governor of state misused the conferred constitutional powers which he had vested.

The Constitution crises in the state began last year when 21 including (2 independent) of the 47 law makers of congress government were rebellion against his own party Chief Minister in 60 members assembly seats of Arunachal Pradesh. 
The matter is between Nabam Tuki and his rival Kalikho Pul.  Pul had intended to be the CM of State replacing Mr. Tuki; consequently the President rule was imposed in the state on 26 January 2016.
Nabam Tuki the former CM of State and Congress Leader
Tuki, the former CM of state and Congress leader, has expressed his pleasure over the Apex Court decision.
 Tuki said, ‘the Apex Court has saved the democracy.” He said he got Justice from Supreme Court. Now he will discuss the matter with 47 Congress Law makers; later the future strategy will be decided.
Rashid Alvi Congress Leader
Congress leader Rashid Alvi said on Supreme Court’s decision, “it is a win of constitution and democracy.” He said that the Union Government has created such situation which became a threat to democracy in the country. The Governors of state are functioning on the Guidance of Centre. The state governors seem the worker of RSS.

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