Bungling in Assembly Election at PoK: Mass Protest Against PML-N

Nawaz Sharif, PM Pakistan and his party PML-N, is being strongly protested in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
The people of PoK alleged that the assembly election recently held in POK was rigged and organised the violence by the ISI in the favour of Nawaz Shareef Party. The locals have also alleged that there were open bungling in the election and whoever dared to uproar the voice against the act was killed. The protesters were shouted slogans"Go Nawaz Go."
A strong protest by people is continued there against the biased and unfair election held. The crowds are on the road in the area. The Pakistan Muslim league, Party of Nawaz Sharif, won 32 seats of the 41 in this election.

A huge crowd can be seen on road against the results and process of election in Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinnari and Mirpur. The angered people on roads burnt the vehicle's wheel tyres on road.

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