Dayashankar Singh Most Wanted: Now in Court!

The non-bailable warrant has been issued against the former BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh. The matter involved the using objectionable language against the BSP supremo Mayawati. The Chief Judicial Magistrate Court on Monday has issued the non-bailable warrant against the former Vice-president of UP BJP. Court has ordered even to seize the property.
It is noticeable that Mr. Daya Shankar Singh had used a slipshod language against BSP supremo Mayawati; after that the activists of BSP shouted slogans against the daughter and the wife of Daya Shankar Singh. The crowd of BSP workers were on the roads against this act of the leader.
A Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)  leader in Chandigarh announced to give Rs 50 lakh as reward for cutting off the tongue of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader.
"Mayawati is selling tickets (to contest polls)...She is a three-time chief minister but she gives tickets to anyone who gives her Rs. 1 crore. If someone comes with 2 crores in the afternoon, she gives him a ticket. If somebody comes with 3 crores in the evening, she dumps the previous candidates and picks him. Today her character is worse than that of a prostitute."
The Court has ordered on behalf of BSP complaint. The BJP, taking stern action against its leader, expelled him from the party and removed from all the posts he had hold.
The member of SC-ST commission of Samajwadi party, Kiran RC Jatav, targeted his own government on the issue of objectionable statement(derogatory remarks) against Mayawati, BSP supremo. She said, “If the government did not arrest Dayashankar within 48 hours, she will resign from her post.”
The fight between BSP and BJP, the chief minister of UP said during a program at his residence, “The festival of Raksha Bandhan is near and the BJP members should apologise with the aunt." He added, “our government respect the women very much and felicitate them with the prize of Rani Laxmibai."

Akhilesh said whatever Daya Shankar had said was wrong absolutely, but whatever shouted the BSP activists was staggering. Akhilesh said, law is doing its duty. Whether the mistake is of BJP or of BSP; the legal action will be taken.

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