Finance Ministry Notified : Annual Increment on Performance

According to Government of India the employees in Central Government will be allowed annual increment in the salary on the basis of their performance scrutiny. The performance benchmark of employees was 'good' earlier; but it will be now 'very good' according to the new rules. 
The Finance Ministry has stated through its notification issued to implement the recommendation of 7th pay commission that the Modified Assured Career Progression scheme will be implemented this time — first, 10 years; second, 20; and third, 30 years.
The Ministry stated that the employees whoever, MACP or within first 20 years of their services , are not able in completing the benchmark to enhance regularly, they will be sided from this benefit.

Moreover, the commission has ratified that the employees who are not perfect on the criterion of performance they should not be allowed the annual increment.

The commission, however, has proposed to withheld the annual increment in the matter of those employees whoever, either MACP or within first 20 years of their services, are not able in completing the benchmark to allow regularly the increment.  This will help to implement to redress for the unable and the self-righteous.

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