Highly educated and mostly of them belong to rich families: B'deshi Home Minister said

 20 hostage killing in restaurant at Dhaka

A Bangladeshi Minister told about  the terrorists, "20 hostage killing in a restaurant at Dhaka was performed by highly educated men and mostly of them belong to the rich families."
According to Home Minister Assad Ujma Khan, 'All were educated. None of them was from Madarsas'. When they were asked, "Why were they terrorists?" They responded, "It is a fashion." 
ISIS took the responsibility of terror attack. Two policemen and 6 of the seven attackers were killed; while one has been arrested.
The classmate identified 3 terror assailants in restaurant at Dhaka. One assailants, whose identity was as Nibras Islam, had completed his education from Monash University Dhaka; Bangladeshi migrant Photo posted on Facebook by one of the other terrorists. Two terror assailants had studied in  Scholastica school Dhaka.
  Not only Nibras Islam's facebook profile reveals that he had met with Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor, but also a photograph hand-shaking with actress was posted with caption 'Shraddha Kapoor you beauti....'
 He is wandering, speaking fluent english, kidding with his friends in a video. Nibras was active on twitter, but his last 'Twit' is of December 2014. 

The terrorists had killed brutally 20 hostages of whom mostly were the victim of cut throat. All the murdered of 20 are from foreign origin. Most of them are Japanese or Italian. One Indian girl has also been  killed. 

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