India condemns activities of Pakistan on internal issue

Pakistan does not want to lose any chance for gaining momentum on the issue of killed Burhan Wani Hizbul commander in Kashmir. So the prime minister of Pakistan called the joint session of parliament to discuss on the Kashmir state in India. It is the first time in Pakistani history when the joint session has been called for the Indian Kashmir issue; not only has this Burhan Wani been declared the martyr in Pakistan.
India has strongly condemned on these activities of Pakistan. The foreign ministry has issued a statement that the Pakistan has no rights to interfere in the internal matter of India, and whatever is going on the Kashmir valley, India is able to resolve it.
The foreign ministry has said that the backing powers behind the Kashmir violence will not be spared. The foreign ministry said giving edification to Pakistan that it should think about maintaining its home, stop the terror activities operating across the border, and give up the crocodile tears.
Pakistan has demanded an independent and transparent probe on the Kashmir violence in united nation despite rebuke of India. Pakistan has said that the situation of Kashmir is endangering the peace and security. Maliha Lodhi UN ambassador of Pakistan met with under secretary Edmond mullet and emphasized for the probe.
Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif, has announced the black day on Tuesday next week. He has said that the black day will be in Pakistan in support of those killed by Indian army in Kashmir. The Pakistani PM had dubbed the wrong action by Indian army on killing of Hizbul commander.

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