North Korea warns US to pay heavy price

PYONGYANG has warned to the US after tough rhetoric by John Carry, US Foreign Minister, for the atomic program of North Korea that if the Korean peninsula is in the escalating tension, the US will have to pay heavy price for that error.
Carry said in ASEAN regional forum conference held in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, "The activities of North Korea are not only for this region but also for the peace and security at internationally are endangering." The North Korea was also participant in this conference. The foreign minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho has said in this conference, "his country is ready to face any restriction implemented."
He said, “We are ready to show that if any powerful country tries to harm a little country, they will not certainly be secure. US will have to pay heavy price for that error.”
Carry said, "North Korea should learn a lesson from Iran that is a strong enemy to America; but America and other countries with it even have made an agreement to end the atomic program."
He added, “North Korea is mere alone country that is violating the international move towards the responsibility. The proliferation of its weaponry development is continued. The development of its missiles is continued. Its abetting activities are continuing.”
North Korea has said that it has the need of atomic weapons to deal with the prevailing danger by America.
The 28500 American soldiers are in South Korea base, which are regularly practice with South Korean. North Korea has demanded from America to remove its army from South Korea and to close down the joint practice because it is an aggressive practice.

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