Professional dancers Gang-raped in Agra

Three girls from Mathura were called for a village dance programme in Agra under Kagrail police station on the night of 25th june last month when they packed the baggage for departure after closing their stage; meanwhile two men insisted to leave them upto city.
The girls were professional dancers in Agra hails from Mathura. Raj and Jitendra, two men resident of Agra had met them in a birthday party somewhere else; duo had appreciated their dance. The dance group of these girls was booked for staging in the village. The girls were idle and accepted the offer of dance in the party. The party was run till midnight.
The girls boarded on own vehicle when began to return back to Mathura after staging the dance , Raj and Jitendra said to leave them upto city during the incident night. The girls would estimate it as host of a guest; offered them entry to sit together.
Raj and Jitendra both were with pistol… they said to driver of four wheelers on gun point to turn toward the fields. The driver was confused; moved the vehicle into the fields. 10 people were waiting there already -- a few of them had clutched the driver; other began to drag the girls. One of them said that she was pregnant…leave her. The men raped two remaining girls whole night while the third pregnant was beaten up.
The men after beating the driver fled from the spot. However these victims reached their home next day and registered a complaint in police. The driver was the witness of whole incident narrated before the police. The girls are under medical treatment in Agra hospital. 

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