Protests Against Racist Violence in US, Killing 5 Policemen

5 police personnel were killed in a protest firing during a rally against the violence over blacks in Texas America. 7 policemen were reported to be injured in this attack. 3 of these are in serious condition. Police have arrested two suspected men.
A few gun-toting men of the demonstrators in Texas state of America opened fire on policemen. 5 policemen were killed. The suspect nabbed told that he was saddened very much with the recent incidents of police firing and so he was crazy to kill whites.
According to the media report, one of the attackers has surrendered before the police; police are searching another. The bomb squad has also recovered a strange device from the possession of the surrendered man. It is a report that an assailant who fired on policemen has shot himself.
The Dallas police department after the firing incident has twitted  photograph of a man. Police have said the man is chief suspect of this attack and appealed public to help in searching him. The photograph is of Afro-American man who holds the rifle.
The policemen were attacked during the protest rally. The protest was against the police. Alton Sterling and Filando Kestyle both were shot in two separate incidents. The persons killed in police firing were black. These incidents were captured in the cameras. The protest demonstration is continued against this ruthless attitude of police.

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