The CBI on Monday has arrested Mr Rajendra Kumar, chief secretary to Delhi government. 4 more arrest have been made in this connection.
It is reported that the CBI has taken action in the matter of corruption. The 4 more arrested persons are: Tarun Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, Dinesh Gupta and Ashok Kumar. Sandeep and Dinesh both is the director of private firm Endeavour System Pvt. Ltd. CBI is interrogating these accused persons. Mr Rajendra Kumar has been charged with the accepting bribe and the misappropriation of post. Mr Kumar has also been charged with the giving contract of Delhi government’s work to private company to provide undue benefit.
According to the information, while Mr Rajendra Kumar was posted at health department, the matter is between July 2010 and April 2011.
The charges are that Mr Rajendra Kumar had created 16 new posts of IT employee in health department and appointed Mr Sandeep Kumar as project manager. The Endeavour System Pvt. Ltd. was bribed Rs 1.7 crore.
Mr Rajendra Kumar has been on post of vat commissioner between May 2011 upto October 2012.
Health Department was being run on Oracle System already; the Rs 12 crore had been spent on this project; while Mr Rajendra Kumar appointed Mr. Sandeep Kumar for pilot project so that the whole operating system could be changed. Vat department spent Rs 40 lacs for this purpose..
All 5 accused will be produced on Tuesday before Patiala house court. Mr Rajendra Kumar is involved in scam of Rs 50 crore. The whole story was begun since the year 2006.
Manish Sisodia, DyCM Delhi, has dubbed it a conspiracy by Union against Delhi government.
He said, “It is an effort to paralyze Delhi government. The union government is in confusion with the favourable atmosphere to AAP. It is the reason why the union government is tormenting Delhi. The central government is transferring officers without any cause. We want to know, 'what is the emergency at least'.”
Sisodia said, “The survey revealed Yesterday that AAP is gaining popularity in Punjab and Gujarat; and today CBI has stepped this action. The officers are being reshuffled while a heavy shortage of officers is in Delhi. The officers are being arrested."

Manish Sisodia targeted to PM Narendra Modi, “We want to tell PM, ‘How much you took officers in dragnet’.  We will function in public interest with the spared peon in CM office.” He added that the BJP and Union government is taking revenge with Delhi public.

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