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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


By on Wednesday, August 31, 2016
State Ministers of Government submitted the details of spent pocket money in UP Assembly on Tuesday.  The ministers have spent Rs 8,78,00000.00 in their pocket money during the tenure since March 2012 to March 2016.
The only minister of Uttar Pradesh Government, Mr Shiv Pal Singh Yadav, who did not spent a penny from the government fund in his personal use.
The BJP leader of state assembly, Mr Suresh Khanna, was submitted the details of ministers’ pocket money by the government on his question. Smt Arun Kumari Kori, cultural minister, has spent much fund on her pocket money. She has spent Rs 2293800 so far. Mohd. Azam Khan crossed the figure Rs 22,86,000.
The schedule tariff for the journey of ministers in the state Rs 2500/ per day, and for the purpose of inland journeys Rs 3000/ per day can be spent.
Tenure Post of Minister
Smt. Arun Kumari Kori

Mohd. Azam Khan
Parliamentary Affairs, Muslim Waqf, Urban Development, Water Supplies, Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation, overall Urban Development, Minority Welfare & Haj

Kailash Chursia
State Minister, Child Development and Nutrition, Primary Education
Shiv Kumar Baria
Former minister in UP CABINET
Arvind Kumar Singh ‘Gope’
 Rural Development Minister
 Jagdish Sonker
State Minister, Land Development & Water Resources and Waste Land Development
Ram Karan Arya
State Minister, External Aided Project, Overall Rural Development, Sports and Youth Welfare, ...
Shahid Manjoor
Labour, Employment
Om prakash Singh
Kamal Akhtar
Food & Civil Supplies
Ram Murty Verma

Dairy Development
Washim Ahmad
Child Development and Nutrition, Primary Education and Energy
Prof. Abhishek Mishra
Vocational Education and Skilled Development
 Vinod Kumar 'Pandit Singh'
Agriculture, (Except Agriculture External Trade, Agriculture Export & Agriculture Marketing) Agriculture Education, Agriculture Research
Maanpal Singh
Ramsakal Gujar
Sports, Youth Welfare
Ahmad Hasan
Primary Education

Rajendra Chaudhari
Political pension minister
Sahab Singh
Backward Class Welfare, Handicapped Development
Bansidhar Baudh
State minister for Social and welfare
Raghuraj Pratap Singh
Stamp and  Court Fees, Registration, Civil Defence
Kameshwar Upaddhyay

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Seldom be used pellets gun; but no ban

By on Tuesday, August 30, 2016
"The use of pellets guns has yet to be banned in Kashmir valley, but to control the crowd it will be seldom used," said government top official.
 The statement came after a high level meeting was held to review the ground realities and the damages faced by the public.
The use will be only in rarest of rare cases, but the option of firing pellets guns will remain in existence.
It is noteworthy, the killing of Hizbul militant commander, Burhan Wani, has spill the violence in the valley during the last 51 days. the security forces to control the mob's outrage, stone pelting and firing used pellets guns, which caused a big criticism. The weapons use have caused on large-scale injuries.
Mr Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister, had assured during his visit to Kashmir, “the alternate to the pellets guns will be given to use to the security forces in forth coming days." 
“In the coming few days, we will give an alternative to the pellets guns. These guns were earlier considered non-lethal but some incidents have taken place... We formed an expert committee a month ago which was expected to give report in two months but it will be coming very soon,” he had said.
The committee held a demonstration of the newly-developed shells at a test field earlier this week and gave the thumbs up for use by security forces for crowd control and during protests like those being witnessed in the Kashmir Valley in place of the pellet guns which have caused grievous injuries and large-scale blinding.

Monday, August 29, 2016

64 UP Battalion NCC organises camp

By on Monday, August 29, 2016
10 days Combined Annual Training Camp under 64 UP Battalion NCC Drill is continued at Govind Ballabh Pant Polytechnic Mohan Road Lucknow. The camp is held where the cadets’ talent developed in ecology since birth up to school days, whether they are females or males, is trained to hone, and they are sent to perform in competition organized at national level.
Mr Shyama Charan Tripathy, JCO, is the commanding officer at the camp said that Bharat Swachhata Abhiyan is our prime need today, so the cadets have been assigned the extra task of running the campaign to clean nearby areas. 
The routine drill training by the cadets is performed thrice daily. It exposes young cadets to a regimental way of life: the values of discipline, duty, punctuality, orderliness, smartness, respect for the authorities, correct work ethos, and self- confidence first; secondly, hard work, sincerity of purpose, honesty, ideal of selfless service, dignity of labour, secular outlook, comradeship, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.

The hygienic sanitation in the campus is already available, and the first aid for the emergency purpose then, on need for the cadets, referred to command hospital. There have been the provision of lunch and dinner, and the canteen purpose is solved by breakfast.

The strength of cadets is 120 where 53 girls and 67 boys are being trained to be selected for the purpose of Rajpath Delhi Cadets. According to information, 500 cadets hails from UP have taken to be trained in different camps, and whoever, after performance check in different rounds of Drill test by experts, are found eligible of these will be sent to Delhi next year for RDC.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

India concerned over growing attack on Baloch people: MEA

By on Saturday, August 27, 2016
Nawab Akbar Bugti’s10th commemoration was held posthumously by Baloch Republican Party’s activists in whole Balochistan including Karachi and in rest part of the world. The protest campaign against Pak on atrocities got the momentum after PM Modi’s statement over Balochistan movement.
Mr Jawad Baloch, president of the BRP, said paying tribute, “We are commemorating 10th death anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti Ji in Germany; we (Baloch) have sacrificed many precious lives in the struggle of liberation since 70 years.”
He said, “ Our workers, Doctors and political leaders all were targeted by Pakistan army during the 70 years, and many of ours were forcefully abducted; still they are in lost list. The world, knowingly, was unknown from all the story of it so far; raising the voice of Balochistan by Narendra Modi Sahab, the PM of big democracy of the world, has astounded the world. Now we (Baloch) are graded differently by the world.”
He said that we felt earlier, "we are not a human being; we are very thankful to the Indian Prime Minister Modi Ji who said to Pak from Red Fort, 'it is time to answer about the committing of atrocities in Baluchistan….' Jaihind, Long live Baloch freedom movement!” 
Brahumdagh Bugti 
Mr Brahumdagh Bugti said, “ we are paying homage on death anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti, but I am not in grief; I am pleased that he(grandfather) sacrificed 10 years ago today… he took birth in every home of Baloch and is in the heart of every Baloch.” 
Vikas Swarup, spokesperson of MEA in DELHI, said, “India is very concerned over the attack on Baloch increasing in Balochistan after PM Modi's statement.”

Friday, August 26, 2016

Angry Mehbooba ends press meet abruptly

By on Friday, August 26, 2016
The last 48 days unrest is continued in Kashmir. The union home minister Mr. Raj Nath Singh has reached to Srinagar with his final bet to score peace restoration in the state. 
Mr Singh addressed a joint press conference on Thursday with the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. Where on one hand Mr Rajnath put his views with prudence, on other hand Mehbooba was out on a question and on the comparison with the last government.
When the questions and its answers began; the two face of politics, or its action, emerged then in the press conference. 
Mr Rajnath Singh was continued with journalists, but, as a journalist compared previous Omar Abdula’s government with the present Mufti government, Mehbooba crossed the question and said, ‘ Sir…  please be quiet ; I answer him — you are not familiar with him!” 
Mehbooba said, “95% Kashmiris desire the peace, and want to talk, but only 5% people in their own interests are on wrong way. Please an old incident cannot be correlated with new one.”
Mehbooba said wrong interpretation of an answer being taken on a question, “Some people are using the innocent children as shield.”
She dubbed fair to the firing by forces and said, “Those who succumbed to the bullets or pellets injuries, they were 15 and above; but they had not gone inside the army camp for buying milk or candy.”
She was asked how she could say the use of incompatible forces against the protesters was correct; while she had criticized the government on the death of people in 2010 when she was in opposition.
 In a frown mood answering the question of journalist she said that he should not co-relate two exclusive incidents.
Mehbooba added, “You are wrong. What happened in 2010 had a cause. A fake encounter took place in Machil; three people were killed. Today 3 terrorists were killed, and how can a government be accused for this?"
The then government led by Omar Abdullah ordered an enquiry and in record time of two months, all the 11 army personnel were chargesheeted. The case was later handled by the Military court.
The army convicted seven soldiers, including two officers, and sentenced them to life imprisonment for a staged killing of three Kashmiri civilians and passing it off as an anti-militancy operation for rewards and remunerations.
She appealed; she said,  "The stone pelting and attack on camps are not going to solve the problem. Only the talks can solve the problem. She said the Kashmiris are not interested the situation to be worsened."
The situation turned so confronted during the press conference that Rajnath Singh had to pacify Mehbooba. Rajnath Singh looked zest to answer at many moments, but Mehbooba began to answer. On comparison with Omar government, Mufti said to Rajnath Singh, “ Sir… please be quiet, and I answer him.” During the response as she was argumentative with the journalists, Rajnath said pacifying her, “ Mehbooba ji hails from your homes.”
As the press conference ended, Mehbooba stood up abruptly before Rajnath singh and moved. Rajnath also followed her.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hospital apathy provides no Ambulance; Man walks 10 kilometer with his wife's body in Odissa

By on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weighing the wife’s body on his shoulder, a tribal man had to walk 10 kilometer. It is ill-fate news from Bhubaneswar’s hospital where a man, with his 12 years old daughter, could not get the ambulance service to carry his wife’s body.
The locals looked a man, Dana Manjhi, on Wednesday morning carrying dead body of his wife on his shoulder. Amung, 42, had died prolong ailment of Tuberculosis on Tuesday night in Bhawanipatna Hospital at district headquarter.
According to information, Manjhi tried with the official at hospital for ambulance assistance, but all was futile. It is ironical, government of Naveen Patnaik to solve such problems had begun a plan ‘Mahaparayan’ which provides the free transportation of dead body from government hospital up to deceased home.
Manjhi said, When he failed to find assistance, he wrapped the body of his wife in a cloth and put on his shoulder; began his journey on foot toward Melghara village of Rampur block 60 kilometer away from Bhawanipatna.

Some journalists saw the incident of carrying body on his shoulder and contacted with district collector; then the aggrieved man traveled by Ambulance up to 50 kilometer remains journey. Brunda D, district collector Kalahandi, said, “As I was informed, I talked CDMO and the ambulance got him served.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Return home by September 25: Foreign Minister said to stranded Indian in Saudi Arabia

By on Tuesday, August 23, 2016
The workers at Jeddah were not paid off the salary since last 8 months. Their fear for returning home is that their family had owed money in India; and as they will reach the home, the money lender will ask to pay the debt. An stranded Indian, Kuman Singh said, “At What hope we will reach our home? If we reach at Delhi, we have even no incidental expenses to reach up to there.”
The Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday, said sternly to the workmen to lodge their claims for the dues and to return home by September 25 next month.
 She said, “Whenever the government of Saudi Arabia will decide about the companies, it will also finalize the claimants’ disposal; but it can take some time span for redress.”
She added, “If they fail to reach within the last date, they will have to manage themselves for food, travel expenses and lodging.”
A sharp drop in oil prices has forced cuts to state spending in Saudi Arabia, the world's top crude exporter. Construction firms have been squeezed financially and have laid off tens of thousands of South Asian and other foreign workers.

More than 6,200 of the stranded Indian workers were employed by construction firm Saudi Oger, a conglomerate owned by the family of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, which has been unable to pay workers' salaries for months, according to Indian officials.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bihar's worst flood in 41 years claims 14 lives

By on Monday, August 22, 2016
glimpse of rural Bihar
PTI: At least 14 people have been reported killed in Bihar and over 5 lakh have been affected in one of the worst floods in Patna since 1975, triggered by a sudden discharge of 11.67 lakh cusecs (cubic foot per second) of water into Sone river from Indrapuri barrage in Rohtas district.
The enormous discharge of water in Bihar marooned nearly 50,000 people in Patna alone and 10,000 had to rescued as water from Ganga rose above the danger mark and entered homes, residential colonies and buildings situated on the riverbank. 
The flood situation in Bihar remains grim, Bihar Disaster Management department officials said on Monday, adding that thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and take shelter on higher grounds, including relief camps set up by the state government.
Floods have ravaged 12 of the 37 districts in the state -- the worst-affected being Patna, Vaishali, Bhojpur, Khagaria and Samastipur districts.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday spoke to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is believed to have briefed the former on the flood situation and the steps taken for rescue and relief of the marooned people.
Rajnath has assured all central help in dealing with the disaster.
Meanwhile, National and State Disaster Response Force have already been deployed in the affected districts.

Kumar said that apart from taking help of big boats meant to ferry sand to evacuate people and animals, the government has made all preparations to airlift the people if needed.
Besides, Army has been put on alert to help the people out from the flood affected areas, Kumar added.
"We want to assure the people that we are alert... People should not get panicky and should tackle the situation bravely," Kumar said adding that government is taking every necessary step to provide relief to the people as "victims of disaster have the first right on state's coffers."
A disaster management department statement said altogether 1,326 boats are being plied by the government to evacuate the affected people to safer places.
The statement said several other rivers, apart from Ganga, were too flowing above danger mark and they were Sone at Koilwar (Bhojpur) and Maner (Patna), Punpun Sripalpur (in Patna), Ghaghra at Gangpur-Siswan in Siwan and Saran districts, Gandak in Hajipur, Kosi at Baltara and Kursela in Katihar district and Burhi Gandak in Khagaria.
The chief minister has already cancelled the leaves of all the officers to facilitate their deployment in flood-affected areas.
All the DMs and SPs of flood affected districts would keep moving in order to assess the ground realities, he said, adding that DMs would carry out aerial survey of their respective districts.
'Farakka Dam' responsible for Patna flooding?
The chief minister held Farakka dam responsible for slow discharge of water from Ganga which has become shallow due to heavy siltation. This causes flood water to spread to other areas.
He asked the Centre to remove the dam or come out with a 'Silt Management Policy'.
If the central government has any other option (other than removing the dam), then it should start working on it, he said.
In his Independence day address too, Kumar had raised the issue saying that the depth of river Ganga had reduced following the silt deposition in the river due to construction of dam at Farakka.
Stressing that Ganga has become shallow due to siltation, Kumar said "I have consistently been raising this issue for the past 10 years. I had raised the issue when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister and now I am raising it before the Narendra Modi government."
Due to siltation in the river, the depth of Ganga river has reduced and water spreads to the adjoining areas in the event of rise in the water level, he said.

"I appeal to the Government of India to prepare a policy on silt management. The central government should consider it after taking stock of the situation...It should come out with the mechanism or way out to prevent silt getting deposited in the river Ganga, otherwise it could prove to be a terrible situation in years to come," Kumar said.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mere reward of prime minister’s immense sacrifice:Rahul Gandhi again on PM Modi's suit

By on Sunday, August 21, 2016

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi targeted on Sunday for being recorded PM Modi's suit cost in the guinness book of world. He said, “It is mere reward of prime minister’s immense sacrifice.”
Rahul Gandhi tweeted, ‘Modi's just rewards for immense sacrifices.’ He also tagged the report attached to the suit that the Guinness Book of World Records says: ‘the most expensive suit was sold at auction’.
Modi had worn the suit with monogram during the meeting with US President Barak Obama last year. The suit was under hot issue. The suit kept in selling of most expensive auction in the Guinness book of world record.

The suit was auctioned last year in February and it was bought by diamond business man Lalji Patel in Rs 4.31 crore.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vacate PoK: India tells Pak

By on Saturday, August 20, 2016

The war of words between India and Pakistan intensified on Thursday with Delhi demanding that Islamabad address “more pressing” issues related to cross-border terrorism and Pakistan saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “crossed a red line” by talking of Balochistan during his August 15 speech.
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said the latest offer of dialogue on Kashmir from Pakistan could progress only if Islamabad stopped the sending of terror to Kashmir that hit the normal life here, as well as Mumbai on 26/11, and demanded the “earliest possible vacation of PoK [Pakistan-occupied Kashmir].”
Releasing the contents of the letter that Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar wrote to his Pakistan counterpart Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry on August 16, the MEA demanded the “cessation of cross-border terrorism”, the “closing down of terrorist camps”, and denial of “safe havens for terrorists.”
The terror-specific demands came a day after India rejected Pakistan’s proposal for “Kashmir dispute-specific talks” and demanded that the proposed Foreign Secretary talks focus on “cross-border terrorism.”
Violation of U.N. charter: Pakistan

India divulged the details of the letter from Foreign Secretary Jaishankar on Thursday even as Pakistan hit back saying that the latest statements on Balochistan from India “crossed a red line.” “The statement by the Indian Prime Minister [on Balochistan] includes elements that are indeed a violation of the U.N. charter,” Nafees Zakaria, spokesperson of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, said during his weekly briefing in Islamabad.

Man not present on spot at moment of murder is innocent: Texas court stays of execution

By on Saturday, August 20, 2016
A Texas court offered an unexpected stay Friday of the execution of a man convicted of a murder for which he was not even present.
Jeffery Wood, who had been scheduled to be executed next Wednesday, was sitting in a pickup truck outside a gas station in January 1996 while his friend robbed the convenience store and shot the clerk inside.
Wood, who turned 43 on Friday, was sentenced to death under a state law that says anyone involved in a criminal plot resulting in death is equally responsible regardless of actual involvement or intent.
His lawyers argued that Wood's due process had been violated by false testimony and scientific evidence.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agreed, basing the stay on the fact that an expert psychiatrist who provided his opinion of Wood's mental capacity was later discredited.
"The court did the right thing by staying Mr Wood's execution," his attorney Jared Tyler said in a statement.
Wood, who is said to have the IQ of a child, was unaware that his friend, Daniel Reneau -- whom he had met just two months earlier -- would carry a firearm into the convenience store, his supporters say.
Wood sat in the pickup truck outside the gas station in the city of Kerrville while Reneau went inside to rob a safe.
Although Reneau had anticipated an unarmed robbery, the plan went awry when he shot the store employee in the head after he refused to comply.
Hearing the gun go off, Wood rushed into the store to find a blood-soaked scene. He helped Reneau remove a video surveillance recorder before the two men fled, taking the safe and a cash box.
They were arrested the following day, quickly identified by witnesses.
"Justice is not served by executing Mr Wood, who was outside the building when it happened and who had no criminal history," Tyler said.
Wood's supporters waged an all-out campaign to stay the execution in recent days and several dozen evangelical leaders also wrote to Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanding clemency.
"I have never seen an execution in the United States with this low of a level of culpability as Mr Wood has," his defense attorney Kate Black told AFP.


Sindhu loses to Marin

By on Saturday, August 20, 2016
Carolina Marin overhauled a brave Pusarla Sindhu in the women's singles final on Friday to win Spain's first badminton title and crush India's hopes of a maiden gold medal in the discipline at the Rio Olympics.
The top seed, known as the 'Rafael Nadal' of badminton in Spain for her tenacity and fierce left-handed game, closed out a 19-21, 21-12, 21-15 victory over the 21-year-old Sindhu, who was majestic in her Olympic debut.
Letting out a blood-curdling shriek with every winning point, the Spaniard was jeered by spectators at the Riocentro in the nerve-shredding final as she pushed the rules of good sportsmanship with constant stalling tactics.
But the ruthless 23-year-old got the job done, charging away to grab six match-points and sealing it on the second with an imperious smash down the line that her opponent did well to get a racquet to.
Flag-waving Spanish fans jumped up and down in the terraces as twice World champion Marin pumped her fists and bellowed in triumph, having survived a huge scare.
Roared to the finish by Indian fans, Sindhu will bow out with huge acclaim, having clinched the country's second and highest medal at these Games, four years after compatriot Saina Nehwal grabbed the nation a bronze in the same event in London.
Japan's Nozomi Okuhara won the bronze in a walkover after her Chinese opponent, the 2012 singles champion Li Xuerui, pulled out of their play-off with a serious knee injury.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

India and Pakistan take all affirmative steps: USA

By on Thursday, August 18, 2016
Elizabeth Trudeau 
USA on widening acrimony between India and PAK rejected the Pakistani efforts for making it international issue. America upheld India’s look and said that the issue would have to be solved by India and Pakistan mutually.
The American foreign ministry spokesperson, Elizabeth Trudeau , said that India and Pakistan have to decide about any momentum, option and texture of talks on Kashmir, The foreign ministry spokesperson also said in a daily press conference this week, “we have not changed our look on Kashmir; we uphold all the remedy of affirmative steps which India and Pakistan can move for friendly relationships.”           
 Trudeau clarified that we are aware about the struggle. We are concerned for the violence and promote both parties for the effort to find a peaceful solution.” The foreign ministry spokes person did not answer the question asked on Independence Day speech by PM Modi. She said, “I will not brief here on Indian Prime Minister Modi’s statement.”
The former foreign minister of India, Salman Khursheed, said to a TV channel that the PM Modi introduced in his speech about Baluchistan is a big blunder which may have to face India adversely in future. He said that the foreign policy is not a play of hit, apologized and then ended everything.
Prime Minister should review once again his policy on Pakistan. He said, “It is not in your favour, ''you had invited Navaz Sharif in swearing in ceremony; then went Pakistan to meet with him; and later became the attacking mood.'”
Randeep Singh Surjewala, congress spokesperson, clarified at Chandigarh that the statement has been given by Mr Khursheed is not the statement of Congress party; it is Mr Khursheed’s own view.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fake encounter: police killed boy; said him naxal

By on Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bastar police allegedly kill an undertrial in a fake encounter after branding him as Naxal in Jagdalpur.
Police claimed that, Arjun Kashyap, was a wanted Naxal and was having bounty of Rs 3 lkah on his head.
However, the Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group, known as 'JagLAG' who is fighting the case of Kashyap has alleged that he was intentionally killed in fake encounter.
30-year-old Arjun Kashyap hails from Chandmeta. He was arrested by police when he was 17 on the accusation of his involvement in ambulance blast case in which five CRPF jawan were killed.
Advocate Ishakhandel of JagLAG said that after the arrest, he was presented in CJM court in Jagdalpur where police had claimed that he is 30-year-old and his father name is Kodi.
On the contrary, his school certificates proofs that he was a school going boy of 17 years and his father’s name is Sulo.
However, with the efforts of JagLAG, the case was transferred to Juvenile Board and he was sent to juvenile home. Later, he was granted bail due to lack of evidences against him.
Infact, the entire chargesheet did not bear his name anywhere only a mention of 30-year-old Arjun was there that too in a confession document of co-accused.
Finally, on December 30, 2015, Arjun was granted bail by the Juvenile Board. Post his bail, he kept coming for hearing of the case.
The next hearing date was fixed on August 31, 2016, but before he could attend that he was allegedly assassinated in fake encounter by Bastar police. It is horrific, added Isha.
Kamal Shukla, the head of Sanyukt Patrakar Sangarsh Surkasha Samiti said, the killing of the innocent tribal guy in a fake encounter under the supervision of IG SRP Kalluri is very much heart rendering and termed it as cold-blooded murder.

He demanded fair probe in the case. The documents provided to Pradesh 18 testifies that Arjun was undertrial guy before Juvenile Board.
However, after the encounter SP Jagdalpur Rajendra Dash claimed that Arjun was a notorious Maoist and Jan Militia Commander of Chandmeta and killed by joint team of DRG and STF in Tulsi Dongri.

He also claimed huge cache of arms, ammunition and material of daily use recovered from his possession.