Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat, resigned

Anandiben has written on facebook blog post that she will be 75 this November. The assembly election in Gujarat is to be held in year 2017 end; Vibrate Gujarat summit to be held in every two years is to be in January 2017; therefore she is desiring that the new CM can handle better the preparation of all these things in time.
If we review on the whole incidents so far have happened since May 2014, there are many such incidents took place that raised the question marks on Anandiben’s capacity of leadership. The ruling BJP since 1998 in the state faced much insult ; the prime minister as head in the union government had to face the opposition.
Mr Narendra Modi during the year 2014 when he headed to take charge of prime minister post, he gave the throne of Gujarat to Anandiben Patel. But what happened eventually such in last 2 years -- that the first lady chief minister of Gujarat, Anandiben Patel, had to lose the post of CM.

While Anandiben had taken charge of state and could elapsed hardly a year,a big agitation in the state during the month of August 2015 took place. The agitation of reservation, under the leadership of Hardik Patel, sparked; and spreaded into the state. The violence occurred in many places of state, the state's property were ransacked a damaged on large scale. It was clear here that Anadiben had no strong hold on administration. It is assumed that the party had to face the defeat in Bihar Assembly poll because of these agitations.
The state congress in opposition alleged that Anandiben did corruption during the chief ministership of Modi, while she was the revenue minister in the state cabinet. Congress had alleged that the business partner of Anar Patel, the daughter of Anandiben patel, was given the land  by selling in the underrate.
It is alleged that a land segment worth the cost of 125 crore was sold in 1.5 crore near the GIR Lion sanctuary. 250 acre land at the rate of 60 thousand per acre of the 400 acre lands of sanctuary was sold, while the circle rate of that land was then at 50 lakh of per acre.
If we compare the rule of Anandiben than CM Modi, she was alleged for the family biased during her tenure.; alleged that Anar Patel, the daughter, and Shwetank, the son, both were helping her by interfering in the administrative work of government. Such propaganda was developing among public against Anandi ben. Anandiben was warned by PM Modi to perform well for her image.
it was a big loss to the BJP in the local bodies election 2015; and the losing mandate congress gained in this election although the BJP performed well in the Nagar Nigam elections and won 40 seats of the 56 in Nagar Palika election, but the congress won in 21 seats of the 31 in Panchayat election, while the BJP got 9 seats only. After the defeat in assembly election held in Bihar it was very saddened result to the party chief.
Various harassment and manhandling incident to save cows in many states under the BJP government have been reported. Dalit thrashing case in Una Gujarat was cried much among public. The opposition congress got the chance to target on BJP; and AAP also targeted Modi government on the issue. The former CM of UP, Ms Mayawati including many Dalit organisation came across the roads in protest against these incidents. The UP assembly election is near, and the BJP party doubts that Dalit vote bank may shift. If so, the party may face co-lateral damage in the coming election because the Dalit vote bank has its own importance in the state.

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