Angry Mehbooba ends press meet abruptly

The last 48 days unrest is continued in Kashmir. The union home minister Mr. Raj Nath Singh has reached to Srinagar with his final bet to score peace restoration in the state. 
Mr Singh addressed a joint press conference on Thursday with the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. Where on one hand Mr Rajnath put his views with prudence, on other hand Mehbooba was out on a question and on the comparison with the last government.
When the questions and its answers began; the two face of politics, or its action, emerged then in the press conference. 
Mr Rajnath Singh was continued with journalists, but, as a journalist compared previous Omar Abdula’s government with the present Mufti government, Mehbooba crossed the question and said, ‘ Sir…  please be quiet ; I answer him — you are not familiar with him!” 
Mehbooba said, “95% Kashmiris desire the peace, and want to talk, but only 5% people in their own interests are on wrong way. Please an old incident cannot be correlated with new one.”
Mehbooba said wrong interpretation of an answer being taken on a question, “Some people are using the innocent children as shield.”
She dubbed fair to the firing by forces and said, “Those who succumbed to the bullets or pellets injuries, they were 15 and above; but they had not gone inside the army camp for buying milk or candy.”
She was asked how she could say the use of incompatible forces against the protesters was correct; while she had criticized the government on the death of people in 2010 when she was in opposition.
 In a frown mood answering the question of journalist she said that he should not co-relate two exclusive incidents.
Mehbooba added, “You are wrong. What happened in 2010 had a cause. A fake encounter took place in Machil; three people were killed. Today 3 terrorists were killed, and how can a government be accused for this?"
The then government led by Omar Abdullah ordered an enquiry and in record time of two months, all the 11 army personnel were chargesheeted. The case was later handled by the Military court.
The army convicted seven soldiers, including two officers, and sentenced them to life imprisonment for a staged killing of three Kashmiri civilians and passing it off as an anti-militancy operation for rewards and remunerations.
She appealed; she said,  "The stone pelting and attack on camps are not going to solve the problem. Only the talks can solve the problem. She said the Kashmiris are not interested the situation to be worsened."
The situation turned so confronted during the press conference that Rajnath Singh had to pacify Mehbooba. Rajnath Singh looked zest to answer at many moments, but Mehbooba began to answer. On comparison with Omar government, Mufti said to Rajnath Singh, “ Sir… please be quiet, and I answer him.” During the response as she was argumentative with the journalists, Rajnath said pacifying her, “ Mehbooba ji hails from your homes.”
As the press conference ended, Mehbooba stood up abruptly before Rajnath singh and moved. Rajnath also followed her.

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