Cut Your Expenses: PM says to MPs for pay hike

A delegation of 20 MPs who are in crunch of dearness met with the prime minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. All these reached there were to increase the amount of MP fund. During the talk a few MPs put the demand to hike the pay. The prime minister advised to the MPs to cut their expenses.
Nilam Sonker Shastri, the BJP MP from Lalganj constituency, was leading this delegation. Mr Mahesh Sharma, Savitri Bi Phule, Bhola Singh, Priyanka Singh Rawat, Chhote Lal, and Anju Bala – all were with her.
They assigned a memorandum to the PM Modi to increase 5 crore in MP fund for the amount 25 crore, in which 255 members of all parties from upper and lower house of parliament have signed. The MPs in delegation and the signatory in memorandum were most of the BJP person.

Seeing the situation PM Modi said to the delegation, “The government will consider to increase the MP fund.” The PM knows that, if he decides to hike the pay, it will adversely impact among the public; consequently he was not in hurry to any step of decision.

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