Family robbed; Mother and daughter gang-raped in UP

A family members boarded on the car,  which was heading from Noida to Shahjahanpur,  near Bulandsahar NHI91 on Saturday this week was intercepted by miscreants and robbed the cash and Jewelleries; not only this, but also they gang-raped the mother and daughter both were inside the car.
The 15 suspects have been taken in custody by the Police. The 5 Police officers have been suspended on the dereliction of their duties on the matter. An incident of loot and gang-rape with a mother and her daughter has been reported on NHI91 (from Delhi to Kanpur).
Mr. Javed Ahmad DGP UP has told that the 15 suspects have been taken into custody on Sunday. The victims, mother and daughter, have identified 3 accused.
Mr Daljeet Singh, the ADG, law and order,  has told that the SP City, the CO,the SHO and the SO of 2 Police Stations have been suspended for the dereliction in the case.
Two elder brothers of the victim Family on Saturday night were going to their paternal home for the ritual of her mother's Terahvi. Duo brothers, their wives, the son of elder brother and the daughter ,11, of younger brother were boarding on the car during the incident. A dozen of miscreants confused the family members when a heavy iron body was hurled over the car. As the car was stopped in the confusion that there was some fault in, the miscreants robbed the valuables; later they dragged the mother and her 11 years old daughter to the fields from the Highway and gang-raped her.
It is very ironical that the Police check post was not much away from the spot. However the victims' family is in Bulandsahar hospital.
3 accused have been identified by the victim: UP DGP Javed Ahmed on Bulandshahr gang rape case

Mr Daljeet Chaudhari has told, the incident is very shameful. He reached to Bulandsahar with DGP and took the inspection assessment at the incident spot. The DGP has told that many Police teams have been deployed for the task to nab the accused. The STF is also working in the search operation. 
He said, "I admit it the dereliction of the Police duty in this case... so I have removed SHO." 
He added, "These miscreants have been dealing now such incident with the new trick. They throw something of iron underneath the running vehicle, which confuse the boarded person inside, as if vehicle's part of it came out." 
He said, when the vehicle driver get down from the vehicle, these miscreants rob them. In this incident they robbed and gang-raped the victims.

#UPCM @yadavakhilesh instructs Principal Secretary, Home & DGP to reach Bulandshahr. They will monitor the search ops of the special teams.
 The BJP has said on the incident of Bulandsahar that it is Jungle Raj in the UP. Whenever the mother and daughter both in presence of spouse on road were dragged from the car; the daughter was raped before mother; the mother was raped before the daughter — and the accused were not arrested after the 2 days of incident: what is this? Isn’t Jungle Raj! Vijay Bahadur Pathak, the spokesperson of BJP, has said, "the law and order during this government rule has collapsed and the courage of criminals are at its utmost." 

In the Bulandshahr case, Principal Secretary, Home & DGP will monitor the case. They will oversee the search ops right from Ground Zero.

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