Former CM of Arunachal Pradesh found dead;doubt of committing suicide by hanging

Kalikho Pul, the former CM of Arunachal Pradesh, body found hanging from ceiling fan in his house. He was 47. It is the doubt that Kalikho Pul committed suicide.
The better tomorrow is the meaning of ‘Kalikho pul’. The leader was earlier a carpenter; then became a watchman and finally, a political leader.
1.            He had completed his educational qualification by selling betel and smoking items.
2.            His father passed away when he was 6, and reaching to 13; his mother too died.
3.            He was rebel leader of congress in Arunachal Pradesh and became C.M. of state.
4.            He was in power from February to July this year.
5.            He had made government in Arunachal with the help of BJP.
6.            He has record of garnering big achievements in younger age.
7.            He had told in a ceremony that he was under pressure.  
.                  He was first time elected MLA in 1995.
9.     It is told since he was removed from the CM post, His meetings with the people were in obscurity.
.                    He was very much in depression after the Supreme Court's decision.    
11.    He had said with a TV channel that he was counting the days.
12. Mr Pechi Kasso, MLA Itanagar, said that he did not contact with him since long.
It is told that Kalikho Pul committed suicide in the night. His wife was in other room at the hour of incident. He was still the residence of CM bungalow.

The outrage among people spread out after the death of their leader. The angered crowd of his supporters were demonstrating outside the residence of deputy CM. They ransacked inside the building; the incident of stone pelting over the residence of a minister was also reported.

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