Hospital apathy provides no Ambulance; Man walks 10 kilometer with his wife's body in Odissa

Weighing the wife’s body on his shoulder, a tribal man had to walk 10 kilometer. It is ill-fate news from Bhubaneswar’s hospital where a man, with his 12 years old daughter, could not get the ambulance service to carry his wife’s body.
The locals looked a man, Dana Manjhi, on Wednesday morning carrying dead body of his wife on his shoulder. Amung, 42, had died prolong ailment of Tuberculosis on Tuesday night in Bhawanipatna Hospital at district headquarter.
According to information, Manjhi tried with the official at hospital for ambulance assistance, but all was futile. It is ironical, government of Naveen Patnaik to solve such problems had begun a plan ‘Mahaparayan’ which provides the free transportation of dead body from government hospital up to deceased home.
Manjhi said, When he failed to find assistance, he wrapped the body of his wife in a cloth and put on his shoulder; began his journey on foot toward Melghara village of Rampur block 60 kilometer away from Bhawanipatna.

Some journalists saw the incident of carrying body on his shoulder and contacted with district collector; then the aggrieved man traveled by Ambulance up to 50 kilometer remains journey. Brunda D, district collector Kalahandi, said, “As I was informed, I talked CDMO and the ambulance got him served.”

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