India and Pakistan take all affirmative steps: USA

Elizabeth Trudeau 
USA on widening acrimony between India and PAK rejected the Pakistani efforts for making it international issue. America upheld India’s look and said that the issue would have to be solved by India and Pakistan mutually.
The American foreign ministry spokesperson, Elizabeth Trudeau , said that India and Pakistan have to decide about any momentum, option and texture of talks on Kashmir, The foreign ministry spokesperson also said in a daily press conference this week, “we have not changed our look on Kashmir; we uphold all the remedy of affirmative steps which India and Pakistan can move for friendly relationships.”           
 Trudeau clarified that we are aware about the struggle. We are concerned for the violence and promote both parties for the effort to find a peaceful solution.” The foreign ministry spokes person did not answer the question asked on Independence Day speech by PM Modi. She said, “I will not brief here on Indian Prime Minister Modi’s statement.”
The former foreign minister of India, Salman Khursheed, said to a TV channel that the PM Modi introduced in his speech about Baluchistan is a big blunder which may have to face India adversely in future. He said that the foreign policy is not a play of hit, apologized and then ended everything.
Prime Minister should review once again his policy on Pakistan. He said, “It is not in your favour, ''you had invited Navaz Sharif in swearing in ceremony; then went Pakistan to meet with him; and later became the attacking mood.'”
Randeep Singh Surjewala, congress spokesperson, clarified at Chandigarh that the statement has been given by Mr Khursheed is not the statement of Congress party; it is Mr Khursheed’s own view.

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