Mere reward of prime minister’s immense sacrifice:Rahul Gandhi again on PM Modi's suit

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi targeted on Sunday for being recorded PM Modi's suit cost in the guinness book of world. He said, “It is mere reward of prime minister’s immense sacrifice.”
Rahul Gandhi tweeted, ‘Modi's just rewards for immense sacrifices.’ He also tagged the report attached to the suit that the Guinness Book of World Records says: ‘the most expensive suit was sold at auction’.
Modi had worn the suit with monogram during the meeting with US President Barak Obama last year. The suit was under hot issue. The suit kept in selling of most expensive auction in the Guinness book of world record.

The suit was auctioned last year in February and it was bought by diamond business man Lalji Patel in Rs 4.31 crore.

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