Seldom be used pellets gun; but no ban

"The use of pellets guns has yet to be banned in Kashmir valley, but to control the crowd it will be seldom used," said government top official.
 The statement came after a high level meeting was held to review the ground realities and the damages faced by the public.
The use will be only in rarest of rare cases, but the option of firing pellets guns will remain in existence.
It is noteworthy, the killing of Hizbul militant commander, Burhan Wani, has spill the violence in the valley during the last 51 days. the security forces to control the mob's outrage, stone pelting and firing used pellets guns, which caused a big criticism. The weapons use have caused on large-scale injuries.
Mr Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister, had assured during his visit to Kashmir, “the alternate to the pellets guns will be given to use to the security forces in forth coming days." 
“In the coming few days, we will give an alternative to the pellets guns. These guns were earlier considered non-lethal but some incidents have taken place... We formed an expert committee a month ago which was expected to give report in two months but it will be coming very soon,” he had said.
The committee held a demonstration of the newly-developed shells at a test field earlier this week and gave the thumbs up for use by security forces for crowd control and during protests like those being witnessed in the Kashmir Valley in place of the pellet guns which have caused grievous injuries and large-scale blinding.

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