Transformation of gender reservation in Indian system

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Priya Bhatt
'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' is a statement which our Prime Minister emphasizes publicly mostly in his every public meeting. Let us examine the status of implementation of his thought in the society. Various educational institutions conduct the different entrance examinations. The candidates appear in the exam whether they are female or male.
The government has made the provision to secure the participation under fundamental rights of different categories in the society.
The issue of 'Beti Padhao' is to be posed here. The reservation is a satiate tool in which the societies obtain the identical chance; but two genders exist in the society -- female and male!
The provision of horizontal reservation confers the right to the females to be educated in the educational institution.
Vertical reservation provides the 50% right to the different categories so that those, who cannot compete, should not loss the chance of education.
  It is in prevalent in the reservation policy: if the reserved categories can qualify the competition rank in general, they should not be counted to be filled in reserve vacancies; while the reserve vacancies shall be filled under reservation rank only.
  What will be the condition of vacancies filling if the female candidates qualify the competition? The provision in the educational institutions has made 20% horizontal reservation for the female candidates.
In case the vacancies of females under the vertical reservation categories are short fall and no female candidates of the category are available to be filled, these are not being preferred to be filled by female candidates of other categories; these vacancies are filled with the male candidates of that reserve categories. The females of unreserved categories are denied against these reserved vacancies for the admission in the institutes. Thus females’ vacancies are being transformed into male vacancies and then filled by the males.                    
One more event can be seen during the spot counseling. the government issues guidelines for the spot counseling; determines the time for the application acceptance by the candidates at the institute; but it never confirms after the scheduled time, via e-mail, exactly the list of candidates whoever filed the application. The teachers and the employees -- all try to get the admission of their near and dear. The observer by the local administration seldom or never reaches to the place during intervals of processing. The applications of candidates are approved mostly after the deadlines given.

If a male general candidate quits his admission, the vacancy in open rank is filled to finish the shortfall and if the male of reserved categories have high rank will be filled; girl of low rank will be denied. It is ironic of reservation... that the females (with 20% reservation) are denied from the education.
writer is the vice president of PRESSMEN Society

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