UP in priority of development for all people; not for privilege society: Amit Shah in Kakori

Kshitiz Kant;Kakori
LUCKNOW: Amit Shah, the BJP national president addressing a program in Kakori, said on Saturday that the Uttar Pradesh cannot be developed until the SP and the BSP both exist in the state.
That the Union Government is in power at centre is  because of Uttar Pradesh; he added that the preference to the development of Uttar Pradesh is now on top priority for the purpose of the country’s development… and it is seldom or never possible to begin if either of  both (the SP and the BSP) exist in power.
According to the information, he added ahead that both the parties merely developed their castes. “While the SP comes in power, it promotes the development only to the single caste; when the BSP takes the regime, it upgrades merely its people”, he said.
He said, “The development of UP is impossible until either of these parties exist in power here… so you all take the vow here that yours vote will be cast in the coming assembly election 2017 in favour of BJP. ”
Amit Shah said, "We don't forget our martyrs to recall them. We will march our tricolor journey from every corner of the country."
He added, "The UP on priority now is the need of country’s development, and the SP and the BSP both cannot develop this state if any of them is in power. The BJP is the party that can develop the UP; so we are sure here that we will form our government here in majority."
Amit Shah addressed the people of Kakori, “We will recommend to the PM to make the Kakori a tourist place so that the youths can visit here with the inspiration of patriotism." He appealed the people to vow to vote for BJP to make its government here in majority.

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