Convicted strongman and public's leader of Bihar -- out on bail!

Saurav Kumar; Patna
The convicted in murder case by high court Bihar, Mohammad Shahabuddin has been released on bail this week. The strongman’s releasing on bail turned a festive mood in the majority of Bihar. After the released from jail Shahabuddin has refreshed exactly himself.
The thousands of supporters were waiting their strongman leader and former MP, Shahabuddin, outside Bhagalpur jail on Saturday morning this week.
As he proceeded toward the public after coming out, he, reacting to the media, said, “I do not admit Nitish as my leader, mere Lalu Prasad Yadav is mine foreever.”
- After 11 years in prison, even if the strongman Shahabuddin has had many stains of crime; but,as he was released from jail in the open air to breathe, he was wearing a white Kurta-Pajama.
- The strongman was surrounded by supporters as he comes out of prison. Thousands of supporters to catch a glimpse of Shahabuddin were looked eager. Many supporters had brought flower garlands that they greeted him; and which he did not wear, they threw garlands at his car.
- Mohammed Shahabuddin  proceeded with hundreds cavalcade from Bhagalpur jail to his home constituency Siwan. His convoy was attended by many legislators of grand alliance.  RJD leaders are also expected to join with Shahabuddin in the convoy.
- Girdhari Yadav, legislator Belhr constituency of Banka, wrote on his Facebook wall even before the release of Shahabuddin, “Shahabuddin will be release from Bhagalpur central jail on Saturday morning at 8 o'clock. His convoy will include 1300 vehicles...."  And all this happened on Saturday morning.
- The supporters had arranged for the celebrations in Siwan. 376 kilometers traveling from Bhagalpur to Siwan were completed in about 6 hours. He was welcomed in the way at many places.
- Road jam took at many places because of long convoy of former MP. Wherever he stayed all the way, along the way was jammed. Even many of his supporters were bursting firecrackers.

- Persecuted people’s homes are in much vulnerability and weeds which spread after release of Shahabuddin. Many people fear that the killer of three sons of a house lest he shall target them as his prey.
- Let's show that Nitish came to power in 2005, and Shahabuddin was on the rein. He completed 11 years in jail, but the jailed former RJD MP in 39 cases got a chance of bail is being considered an event; although the people are attributing it to power laxity.

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