The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested then Chief Judicial Magistrate, Gurgaon { presently, Civil Judge(Senior Division), Kaithal, Haryana } in an on-going investigation of a case relating to alleged murder of his wife Smt. Geetanjali Garg whose dead body was recovered on 17.07.2013 at Gurgaon (Haryana). A case was registered by CBI on the request of Haryana Govt and after Notification by Govt. of India.
     CBI had taken up the investigation of this case which was earlier registered at Police Station, Civil Lines, Gurgaon vide FIR No. 501 dated 20.07.2013 against three persons on the complaint of brother of deceased.
    The arrested accused was produced today in the Court of Special Judicial Magistrate, CBI Cases, at Panchkula (Haryana) and was remanded to five days police custody.
Why the case assigned to CBI
Ravneet Garg had bought 25 bullets along with the revolver and it has been mentioned on his licence. Police sources say they have recovered 19 bullets from Ravneet's house.
Garg has denied any information about the other two bullets, say sources. He added that he was in the court when the incident occured.
He claimed that when he reached home he found that Geetanjali was not inside and she had also left her mobile phone.
During the search for his wife Garg came to know that a body found in that police line ground was of his wife Geetanjali.
Since then police have interrogated Ravneet's servant, driver and his personal security officer. Police are trying to find out if Geetanjali had an altercation with any of them as Ravneet had denied that he had any fight with his wife.
But the post-mortem report has come as a major problem for the police. The post-mortem report says that Geetanjali's body had three bullet wounds and one head injury. Geetanjali died within a few minutes of being shot at.
According to the post-mortem report the fist bullet hit Geetanjali's stomach on the left side. The wound was 3.5 centimetres wide and 1.5 centimetres long. The second bullet pierced the left side of the chest and damaged her lungs and intestines. The third bullet hit below the chin and exited from below the left ear.
Geetanjali also had an injury mark 3 centimetres by 1 centimetre on the back of her head.
The report also says that the last two bullets fired from the revolver caused her death. So the question is if it is a murder then why would the killer fire at her stomach, chest and chin and why not directly at her head. The other bi8g question if why did the killer take her body to the police line ground which is surrounded by the quarters of police personnel.
Geetanjali's parents allege that her in-laws cleaned the house after her murder. But in spite of questioning Ranveet Garg, the police have failed to get any strong evidence. So if the police treat it as a suicide case, the move is bound to raise several questions.

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