Ghulam Nabi Azad:BJP, ruling party at both places in centre and state, can find better solution

Ghulam Nabi Azad, senior congress leader, said on Wednesday that the curfew amid the worsened situation after the erupted violence in Kashmir since last 52 days has been totally lifted. The sporadic Bandh's incidents and clash have been reported. The Congress has said before the visit on 4th September by all parties’ delegation of the 35 parties with the Finance Minister and the Home Minister, "the BJP can find better solution of the Kashmir issue and the opposition will support it."
Azad said Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi whenever had tried to solve the Kashmir issue and introduced the solution, the BJP always opposed and dubbed it gratification to the Kashmiri and the minority. Now the BJP is the ruling party at both places — in centre and the state, It can find solution in better way.                                                                                                                                                                   
Azad said after meeting with the congress leaders at Srinagar, “it was worst ever situation in the history of Kashmir since last 70 years. It is time to Kashmir, the Government and the political parties to find its permanent solution within the limit of constitution. Now the BJP is in condition that it must have to find the stable solution.
He said that the situation of Kashmir was discussed four times within 20 days in the House. It is first time when the congress began and all the parties supported it. The opposition emphasized on the Union and the state government to come in a file for the Kashmir problem. The Congress had demanded to send all party delegation in the beginning days. The union government accepted our demand in 52 days later. The imposed curfew elapsed so long period; if they had not spent so much time, many lives could have been saved.
Azad welcomed the centre for the sending of all party delegation and said, “The Kashmiri should come forth to talk with them. The government should evade with the dual policy. They all are ours. You should be opined with the elders, and counseled the youths. Convince them.”
Azad, his CM tenure in Kashmir, said on the situation during the year 2008, “ the Kashmiris had protested against entrusting the forest land to Sri Amarnath Shrine Board. The 5 lives claimed till my resignation. The governor rule imposed. The BJP sealed the economic transporting when the protest intensified. The protesters turned to 10 lakh gathering in the valley after it. They were on way to Muzaffarabad march. The firing on crowd claimed 22 lives in a day."

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