Rahul Gandhi in Ayodhya took blessing of Hanuman Garhi

Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, is on journey of Uttar Pradesh. The journey is  for 'Kisan Yatra', and he is trying to re-establish his party’s base on political front. The beginning of this journey will end at Delhi.
As Rahul started his journey from Deoria he reached Doodh Nath Temple at Rudrapur to get the blessing. Rahul went Gorakhpur from Deoria. He reached Faizabad; then Ayodhya on Friday, where he prayed in Hanuman Garhi and met with sage (Mahant) Gyandas in a close place.
Rahul came out from Hanuman Garhi with the sanguine mark of Tilak on forehead with the shining eyes. He went ahead from there without speaking. Actually having talked there he did not want to involve into any adverse message. The mark on his forehead was a clear cut message from him. 
Rahul is playing dual card here actually. The journey is aimed for farmers, but his stare has been seeking the upper caste vote bank. Rahul is not leaving any chance to lure the Brahmin vote bank. Congress party has already announced Sheila Dixit as the CM candidate in forth coming assembly election in Uttar Pradesh to be held in 2017. Sheila Dixit is a Brahmin, and her in-law home is from a prominent family of state.
At the hours when Rahul was continued his journey in these districts of Brahmin strong hold areas, and was going ahead after touching his forehead to the temples; Sheila Dixit had reached to get the bless of deity Maa Vindhya Vasini temple in Mirzapur.
Knowing before the love of Congress for Brahmins is important to understand first the current political scenario of state. The BJP in the state assembly, which has a history of winning 73 MP seats in the state, is in poor condition; only 10% of the 403 assembly seats in last election could have been secured. The BJP is in mood to finish a long penance in the coming assembly election.
The caste equation of BJP has a huge shortage of Dalit and Muslim vote bank. It will be exaggeration to say that the BJP can divide the Yadav votes in his favour.
The base line of BJP is upper caste; the same condition was in Bihar and similar is in Uttar Pradesh. The remaining hope of votes depends on the other backward and the sub backward caste. If any party is in condition to gap among the core vote bank of upper Caste, it can defeat the BJP.
Congress is preparing its election strategy by this assessment. The traditional voters of congress have been upper caste Brahmins. The brahmin voters kept on migrating; the congress was weaker; but the reshuffle of Shiela Dixit began congress luring of state Brahmin.
If the congress achieved to its strategy, the BJP will lose all hope of being strongest in the state, and it will be able to repeat the message in UP, which the congress had sent after being part of grand alliance in Bihar. The congress is fighting in the fray of 2017, but also,  with its campaign manager, has been watching on 2019 election. The assembly election 2017 will be decisive in this way.

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