Rahul Gandhi narrow escapes by Shoe attack in UP

As Rahul Gandhi's cavalcade arrived in Sitapur, and he began his road show, a shoe threw in the air targeted toward him that impacted on the minibus which was carrying Rahul Gandhi on Monday. Sitapur is a district 89 K.M. away from, and North of, state capital Uttar Pradesh.
The shoe touched Jitin Prasad’s hand in the target path and missed Rahul. The man, Hari Om Mishra, has been arrested, but he is unexplained about his resentment. The man told himself a journalist of local channel.
Rahul said that the RSS and BJP attacked on me when I was passing by road. I want to tell them that they can attack on me as much they do! But I will continue my fight and never go a step back. He said. “my fraternity and love is with me, and yours hate is with you."
He addressed a public meeting in Bhitauli and he said that Mr Mulayam and Ms Mayawati, both the leaders in UP, are being controlled by PM Narendra Modi. Both the parties cannot perfectly contest and fight against the BJP; mere Congress is capable to defeat the BJP in UP. 

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