Varun Gandhi, the BJP general secretary and MP from Pilibhit UP, said, “There is the need of change in the system instead of government.”
 He said, “The capitalists are duping the banks, and the poor are committing suicide after taking loan.” The BJP MP said that if he had not hailed from Gandhi family, he would have been here the audience, not speaker.
Varun Gandhi said that the rule change certainly is a target, but most important is the system change. We dwells where we look the double faces. The first emerged face of peasant is T Joseph who was jailed because of not paying the debt. The second face is of Vijay Mallya who fled after taking debt. The system is responsible.
Varun Gandhi said that the absconded Mallya had troubled peasant, Manmohan -- whose bank account had balance of Rs 1200, and he was accepted in guarantee of Mallya. I don’t appear that Mallya will be back here ever. Varun said, “The politics of country and several correlated talks of leaders ashamed. When the public leaders demand hike in their perks feels very bad.”
He said that when he saw the MPs in the house were doing the Parvi to hike in pay, I said then having written a letter to the speaker, Meira Kumar that if the pay is increased, I don’t accept it…mine should not be increased.
He said that the politics can be reformed, while the youths like Singapore and Jordan are invited in politics. He said the 82% successful youths in politics hail from political families. I am Feroze Varun Gandhi, so I have a rank. He said that we should reserve from high level the place for those young who do not hail from political background..
The group representation system is working in Singapore. The group that be together on a issue should be fielded in the election, instead of a particular man under this system. The system can be implemented in India. The man to lead a particular class as to the peasants and weavers should be provided the chance in upper house.

According to the World Bank report, The 20% people due to poverty in the cities fail to get treatment of diseases. The field of education has worsened.  The one lac million funds have been spent under right to education scheme, but the erected building is not sufficient to teach the children. The half of the 5th class students cannot read the books of class-one because the teaching staffs have a big shortage; the shortfall is 6 lakhs.

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