Time to prepare for border — for nation

Krishn Praddhumn
Today is a beginning to secure of our interests wherever is vulnerable. PM Modi has visited many countries for the purpose of economic affairs, and was criticized over the years -- even recently -- for lacking the national will to use its military capability.
 The special operations effort by our army para-commandos who destroyed the training camps by killing militants in PoK , statedly after an insertion on foot, have put a tribute to our martyrs posthumously. The families of armed force were feeling caged military service of their sons and spouse because they were informed with the news of dearest lost lives; but the action of retaliation against such offensive was limited only inside state.
It is  a step of appalling imminent danger by neighbour, but if our forces did so tough, it is time to help them by nation.
We are going to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on Oct 2. Our preach to Ahimsa is worldwide, for those countries which have full democracy; and our preach to annihilation of root cause of suffering is in practical, for those countries which have lack of democracy.
Here the time is to remind Mr Jinnah’s inaugural address to the people, he said,
“You may belong to any religion, caste or creed. That has nothing to do with the business of the state. If this idea was kept in mind, Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslim would cease to be Muslims not in the religious sense but in political sense as citizens of the state.” But it was like locking the stable after the fleeing of the horse.
Indeed, the offensive diplomacy  at the United Nation and India's threat to Pakistan over the Most Favoured Nation status and the Indus Water Treaty -- all have been given a tremendous fillip by the dramatic surgical strike.
Videos of the entire operation taken by a suitably positioned drone are already streaming on national media. More details about the exact modus operandi would be emerging soon.
There would be some retaliation from Pakistan which needs an alert now. Now what form exactly it would take is debatable.
Some analysts feel we should expect Mumbai-like attacks to happen. I, for one, feel that any terror strike at this juncture is not on the cards. The reaction would most likely be military in nature and possibly using their Special Forces or attack helicopters.
India has to be prepared for this, especially with respect to the defence of our forward bases such as vulnerable border airfields. Airfields at and near the border areas come to mind where the attack may be imminent need defences beef up.
We would need to continue with counter-terror surgical strikes in PoK, possibly gravitating to attack helicopter strikes or even fighter strikes on terror launch pads.
Special forces operations may not be possible in all scenarios and hence the other options advocated.
The biggest challenge for our decision makers and military planners to consider is the control of the escalation ladder.
The time is not for ecstasy, but to prepare ourselves to face bravely if we go across the battlefield.
writer is the student of class xi at 
Seventh Day Adventist Senior Secondary School, Lucknow, India. 
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