US said Edification to Pak: 'said -- take action on terror groups'

America has released the statement after the attack on army camp in Uri at J&k where 18 army personnel were killed on 18th September last week. India has accused Jaish-e-Muhamad a terror group harbouring in Pakistan. 

After Mrs Sushma Swaraj's address in UNGA, America has said that Pakistan needs to take action against all terror groups; the groups which kept on targeting the neighboring countries have been included. Sushma Swaraj in her addressing had voiced the world to act against those countries, which are hosting the terrorism.
The deputy spokesperson of American foreign ministry, Mark Toner, said, “Our attention is to grow Pak’s capacity to deal with the endangering terrorists on its soil.”
He said,  "They have been carrying out continuously a serious and permanent operation against the extremism. We have believed that they have been going on ahead in this way. They have taken steps to face the terrorism, but we want to ensure it here that they need to target all the terror groups. The groups, which target the neighboring countries, have been included."
Toner, invoking to normalize the relation between India and Pakistan, has said that none will be benefited in this subcontinent.
He said, "there has been very deep and comprehensive, bilateral and multilateral, relationship between America and India." Toner has said India is a big democratic country in the world and it looks me that we have also identical ideas to the global view. We have really very much intimate relationship with India in trade and economic.

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