Bob Dylan Awarded Noble Prize In Literature

Bob Dylan, American, is the noble prize winner of literature this year. He was awarded for the creation of new poetic expression within tradition of American songs. Bob ,75, was born in May 24, 1941 at Duluth in Minnesota USA.
But the world people remember like a legend this 75 years old singer and lyricist; no matter Bob Dylan has been awarded today with noble prize in literature
He had started his singing in the year 1959 and like a street singer he used to sing in the beginning at the coffee houses.
He sang…Blowin’in in the Wind…and… They are A-Changin... which famed anti-war and human rights song in America together in the World. His forgo from the traditional songs proved very beneficent to the whole world.
The guess market was hot due to the delay this year’s announcement. In case that any differences do be among the jury was heard such talk. The literature noble prizes have been announced every year exactly in the same week of sciences.
Per Erik Wästberg, educationist, on this matter refuses such talks absolutely. He says that it is the matter of absolute diary logistics; yet the media men of Sweden find the differences in it.
The radio reporter of Sweden, Mattias Berg says that the members of noble academy were differing on Adonis, who was politically controversial man.
It is noteworthy, that the most noble prize winners (27) in literature were of the writers in English;  French (14); German (13); and 14 women of these were awarded noble prizes in literature. The world waits covetly for this award.

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