Dynamic Economy of Country Can Flourish Here Happiness:Amit Shah at Hisar

Mr Amit Shahat at Hisar in Haryana on Sunday
Mr Amit Shah, BJP national president, addressed to a public meeting at Hisar in Haryana on Sunday. He was the participant of an organised program on the occasion of Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti.
He said, “I pay my acclamation to the holy recollection of Maharaja Agrasen at the pious place.” He added, “A religious man had started a cult of religious ceremony 5000 years ago. How much recognition of his thoughts and principles had been then that the people are celebrating today remembering him after the thousand years later? ”
 He has said that the country is celebrating today birth anniversary of two great men of India — Maharishi Valmiki and Maharaja Agrasen on the pious day of Sharad Purnima. I pay my gratitude to the people gatherings and organizer.
Mr Shah said, “if an outsider migrated from somewhere to the kingdom of Maharaja Agrasen, he was given a brick to settle and a coin to employ by each residents on the dole. Now there was no more big example else than this social security.”
The NDA government in the leadership of PM Modi is working for the prosperity, security, pride of country and trying to join the poorer to the main stream. PM Modi follows four rule of Maharaja Agrasen; namely, business, tradition by the medium of business, the feeling among people for dedication to the country and the welfare to the poor.
He said, “A dynamic economy of country can flourish here happiness. PM Modi has removed all the hurdles from the way to reform the economy, which is the country's move to boom into a big economy of the world. Modi brought one country one tax system by GST."
He said, “the deprived from electric power in the rural 18000 villages are being electrified and the 5 million people of country below poverty line are being allocated free gas connections.”

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