Eight suspected SIMI men killed after escaping from Bhopal jail

Eight men had fled from the central jail Bhopal after killing head constable were gunned down near Itkhedi, an outskirt area of the city.
 After getting the information the police besieged the area and gunned down the 8 SIMI terrorists in an encounter.
 The killed people were identified as Sheikh Mujib, Khalid, Aqil, Zakir, Mehboob, Amzad and Salikh.
 Mr Rashad-ud-din Owaisi, MP Hydrabad, has said,"How the escaped person from central jail of Bhopal may well clad if they were in jail? Some solid metallicthing cannot be like a weapon. The incident is astounding."
 Eight men escaped on Sunday from central jail Bhopal were killed outskirt of the city, but after the video footage release of encounter has surfaced some foul play in the incident. The men were blank hand.

 Mr Bhupendra Singh, the state home minister, said, “There were no other options except to shoot them. The police have the preference to catch either live or dead these wanted hardcore terror men. The police force followed through its job when they were assigned?"

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